dBTechno: TNA Impact Wii Review

dBTechno Writes:

"The most aggravating aspect of the controls here though is that you can not do a grapple from behind, to me this is inexcusable. The game almost felt unfinished in how you couldn't do certain things.

The other big thing that was left out is create-a-wrestler, no CAW in the Wii version at all.

This changes the story mode as well, as you cannot use a created wrestler, and instead have to use from made-up guy. The story mode is both fun and interesting, but the fact that you cannot use your own guy is a downer.

TNA iMPACT! on the Nintendo Wii is a decent first effort for a wrestling game on the Wii, but just doesn't feel finished in any way. The graphics need an upgrade, the game modes need to be expanded, as do the moves, and there are tons of omissions with a lack of move sets, create-a-wrestler, etc. This is only worth a rental even for hardcore wrestling fans."

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