Why People Hate Escort Missions

No gamer alive enjoys the idea of escorting an otherwise useless NPC from Point A to Point B, especially when they seem to lack all sense of self-preservation and do everything possible to get themselves killed.

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DVAcme1262d ago

Very simple: it's a kind of mission in which the failure condition is not directly in the player's hands. Taking agency away from the player is always a bad idea.

Could escort missions be done right? Yes they can. If the escorted party can actually defend themselves and are smart enough to try to avoid harm when possible, or even actually CONTRIBUTE to the mission by helping you take down enemies and giving you support if you need it, then it can work.

GamesMaster19821262d ago

The only thing i hate in games is hunting for stupid collectibles.

SegaGamer1261d ago

I don't mind it as long as they don't over do it.