Top 10 Worst PlayStation 4 Videogames

From trolls to ladies in skimpy outfits - these are the 10 PlayStation 4 experiences that Screen Critics highly advises gamers ignore.

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Zabatsu592d ago

I can agree with most of those, but The Order 1886? That's low man. It was an awesome game with the only downside being that it was a bit liniear and to short for most people. That game definately don't belong on that list of yours.

RpgSama592d ago

I knew already this game was going to be here, the whole list it's just an excuse to make believe once again that a good game like the order:1886 is mediocre.

Was it a corridor shooter? Yes, was it short? Yes, was it a good game for what it was and what it wanted to achieve? A resounding YES. It wasn't going to earn game of the year awards but it's far from one of the worst games on the system.

drunkenspy007592d ago

Ah, the old argument Order 1886 was a good game. It looked pretty, but played mediocre, was too short and too expensive for all that was offered. Maybe not one of the worse games out there, but I can see why it would make lists like this.

Master of Unlocking592d ago

Just like Gears of War on the xbox: pretty, linear, short, shooter with cover mechanics, yet Gears has been getting a pass for doing the exact same thing for over 10 years now. Go figure.

XanderZane592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

They should have made 2 lists. One for Indies and one for AAA retail games. Most of the games on this list are Indies. They could have easily listed another 10 Indie games for being the worst.

The only game missing on this list is No Man's Sky. Fanboys will avoid this thread like the plague so it never gets high on N4G new list. Let's see if makes one for the XB1 and Wii U.

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meka2611592d ago

Ok that list is just dumb. I can actually say that Onechanbara Z2: Chaos. was better than you think. Got it from gamefly and best way to describe it is, many enemies like dynasty warriors, with cool combos kinda like devil may cry.

letsa_go592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

I enjoyed it also. Not the best game in the world but it was pretty entertaining. The strawberry banana surprise was hilarious to me as well.

Hoika592d ago

Putting Onechanbara in this list just means the writer is totally missing the point of the game. It was never meant to be a good game. It's an absurd, over the top musou/action game which isn't about good visuals or super solid and innovative gameplay. It's a fun game about chicks in bikini's with chainsaws cutting up zombies and demons.

And also The Order 1886... shouldn't be on this list imo.

Flappy Goat from Goat Simulator should be on this list though

Fist4achin592d ago

I thought the image on the far right was ET with dreads!

Swiftfox592d ago

I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea to have a strong advertising tool of a trailer be linked with the games as they appear on the list. Trailers are designed to make games look good--very good. Wouldn't it be better to record some gameplay of the issues you have and post that? It would at least show you not only played the game for yourself but also show you're just not lazily making up a list based on what would be most controversial? I mean I browsed metacritic and found PS4 games well worse than any of the ones here, and that took me 2 minutes. But I guess it's easier to get attention when you list games people know instead of games like Ace Banana or Afro Samurai 2.

TomatoDragon592d ago

Sorry...but Onechanbara is killer.

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