An interview with Cliff Bleszinski

D+PAD: "We recently got the chance to sit down with Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Designer on Gears of War 2, to ask him a few questions about his upcoming blockbuster. Read on to find out what he thinks of host advantage, Unreal Engine licensees and…the PS3 controller?"

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Imallvol74858d ago

Lol. Ok? What did you play with before xbox controllers then?

bomboclaat_gamer4858d ago

super nintendo? nintendo 64? are you serious. do u think the ps was the only console back then?

PirateThom4858d ago

The N64 controller was the worse controller ever though.

Nintendo went from the near perfection (at the time) of the SNES, to the shambles of the N64 controller.

Panthers4858d ago

The best thing about the N64 controller was the trigger.

iNcRiMiNaTi4858d ago

well if u look at his games before gears, they were pretty much all pc games.

rmatott4858d ago

my thoughts exactly, never played a ps system before the xbox?

gaffyh4858d ago

"Confirmed: CliffyB is a retard"

highdro4858d ago

cliffy is an a$$... (-_-)

RoidRage4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

When compared to other controllers the ps3's controller sucks. The original PS controller was fantastic. The dualshock controllers are sh**. The tacked on thumbsticks and R2, L2 "flaps" aren't a meticulously thought out design.

These people calling Mr. Blezinski names, need to play with a 360 controller for a couple weeks.

DiabloRising4858d ago

I don't see all the hype about the 360 controller. The excellent, comfy form factor is marred by absolute sh!t D-Pad and face buttons.

Also, kudos to Cliffy for voicing his opinion in the worst way possible per usual. I hate the controller, imma snub 15 million possible buyers! YAY!

Sony Rep4858d ago

Trust me...

There is nothing special about the 360 controller.

They're are both equally good and functional.

Apocwhen4858d ago

"The N64 controller was the worse controller ever though."

You've gotta be kidding. The N64 controller is what brought us the analogue stick and force feedback.

v1c1ous4858d ago

i dunno man. if i had to rate the PS controllers, it would be Ps2>ps3>ps1.

PS3, while too light and weird trigger placement still feels consistent enough to handle intense trigger action without awkward finger placement.

ps1, going back to it a while ago, felt kinda blocky and the triggers had a certain stiffness to it.

No Way4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

Uhm. The PS has always had competition.. even if it wasn't good competition. Ha.

RoidRage4858d ago

With a name like Sony Rep, I imagine that people "trusting" you isn't something you see much of.

yamamoto1144858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

Oh, so just because Controller B didn't exist before Controller A, means that Controller A is definitely better? WHAT KIND OF STUPID REASONING IS THAT?

Think about what you're saying, you freakin' moron. That's like saying PS3 is worse than 360 because 360 came first, which is obviously not true. You can't base a value judgment on the time when a console was released. Well okay, you can, if you want your value judgment to be based on pure idiocy.

"I HATE PLAYSTATION!" "Lol. Ok? What did you play with before 360 then?" <-- Does this make sense? NO!

You make a moronic comment.

The point of technology is to IMPROVE over time. If it doesn't IMPROVE over time then there is no growth. And saying that the old stuff is better because it's old is saying you support the suppression of technological growth. Which is STUPID. so I lol at your disagrees.

1.16: Expressing your opinion isn't arrogance. If it were, all movie, book, and game critics would be considered arrogant. Everyone would be considered arrogant. Maybe you need to learn English like Ted Price from Resistance. Oh wait, Ted Price isn't from Resistance, HE'S FROM INSOMNIAC.


aceitman4858d ago

he can sell his game without being so arrogant he is not the best out there to act like an a$$ he is going to make me change my mind on getting gears 2 the way he acts he should take an example of ted price from resistance

dro4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

shut up.. :/

Sony Rep4858d ago

With a name like RoidRage, I can imagine the kind of games you like all fall into one category.

Casual Halo gamer.

Monchichi0254858d ago

I feel the same exact way! I don't hate the PS3 system, (I actually want one sometime), but that DAMN control is Bloody AWFUL!!!!

It's the only thing holding me back!

CaptainHowdy4858d ago

cements my thesis that he is a douche!

rosebowl234858d ago

Cliff is a major moron. Sticking to a console because of a controller? An asymmetrical controller with a broken d-pad and the worst analog triggers ever created too.

Winter47th4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

He's entitled to his own opinion, true that, but after using the PS controller for 3 generations now, a decade later I much prefer it over the 360's, my thumb got printed with an X and square.

thewhoopimen4858d ago

There is no fundamental paradigm shift between the ps3 and 360 controllers. It's crazy how Cliffb makes such a big b1tchfest comparing controllers that are essentially almost the same minus the case sizes.

Yes you can argue they are different... but face it, its not different in the n64, wii, or snes sense. These two controllers designs are pretty much off the original ps1 design with some gyro motors and a bigger case/heft. It all comes down to how big your hands are.

@V1cious all the Ps3 these days come with the dualshock controllers which are almost as heavy as the 360. My friend and I don't really differentiate between the two, except for maybe the triggers when shooting and dpad when fighting.

Tarasque4858d ago

I agree Cliff, The ps3 controller needs some reworking IMO. The main thing i hate is the analog sticks are to close together and i cant keep my thumbs on this sticks, i have to reset my thumbs in the middle of the sticks all the time. And i hate the r2 and l2 flaps, i mean really flaps come on. And the controller feels cheap and to lightweight. But the d-pad on the ps3 controller owns that's really the only good point about it.

IdleLeeSiuLung4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

PS3 has great hardware, but the one thing that irks me is their controller. I used to love both the PS1 and PS2 controller since virtually all other controllers had poor design. However, MS controller is far the best (sans the crappy d-pad) I used (except for the big ass controller for the original Xbox they got rid of).

The triggers are well placed and the analog stick has good response. The PS3 controller is too small for my average sized hands. I cramp up after a while and the analogs are too loose. Now all of this is subjective, but one thing is for sure the PS3 controller wasn't designed with ergonomics in mind. The 360 is the one controller that I can play for hours without cramping....

Now all the Sony fanboys will disagree with me... but I don't care.

prowiew4858d ago

Of course. His baby is published by microsoft. Probably got paid by msft. Ive probably would make the same comments y $$$$ is involved. yeah im a sellout. Truly, who cares what a developer says. Its just his opinion and thats fine. IMO i dont like the ps3 controllers for fps, but that probably have to do with playing more fpss on my 360. When i pick up the ps controller to play resistance it feels awkward, but within days it feels normal.

ape0074858d ago

he's right

I played cod 4 on ps3 and it controlles worse than 360's controller

on ps3,the aiming is much worse,especially in uncharted

games like god of war,dmc and fighting games in general work much better on ps3

I really wish that sony make a new fps specific controller to PLAY THE FRIIGIN R2 AND KILLZONE 2


4858d ago
masterg4858d ago

There are two things that can be said without a doubt.

1. The 360 controler is better for shooting games. (the only thing Cliff works on)
2. The PS3 controler is better for everything else.

xhairs94858d ago

I don't see what you're getting at. The L2 & R2 buttons, sure they flap, I think it feels a bit more realistic, but in no way does that hinder gameplay in my eyes. R1 is the trigger for almost every game, which that being said, it doesn't flap. So what's your point?

Should guns use straight triggers or should they flap?

ape0074858d ago

you are right man

turok 1,2 goldeneye,perfect dark

all them controlles flawlessly

call me crazy

and have bubbles

uie4rhig4858d ago

Don't EVER say that you don't 'create a game for a console because of the controller'... EVER.. or anything similar..

and fanboys shouldn't say that they don't like the controller 'which is why they don't own it'..

coz that is THE MOST pathetic reason I HAVE HEARD IN MY WHOLE LIFE !!

Amnesiac4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

Actually the controllers arent equal. The 360 controller has a vastly inferior Dpad...

gg 360 if youre into fighting games.

and LOL @ the lame ass "triggers" on the 360 controller...L1 and R1 FTMFW.

The only time the PS3 controller annoys me is when developers are morons and they program the weapon fire to R2 or L2...MORONS

Jake11114858d ago

The 360 has better triggers because they are shaped like a gun trigger. Therefore your fingers dont slide off

The PS3s triggers are not shaped like a gun trigger and are formed like a contact lense which makes it easy for your fingers to slide off.

This is something I though Sony would correct for dual shock but to my "SHOCK" they didnt.

The controller itself on the PS3 is better though. It fits nicer in your hands. Just need to fix the triggers and it will be perfect.

Regardless. I still prefer playing the PS3 as I love the exlusives.


thebudgetgamer4858d ago

not everyone can be as cool as ted price

Anton Chigurh4858d ago

I hate PS3 control . you can't even move your character easily like the 360 does especially in FPS

I wish if I can use my xbox control to play RFOM or Maybe KZ2

Bnet3434858d ago

Xbox 360 controller is good for shooters. Only thing bad is the DPAD, bad for fighting games. PS3 controller sucks ass for shooters, its hard for me to aim and the triggers are the worst, devs don't even use the triggers for shooting, but its perfect for everything else.

Blakzhuk4858d ago

Look at all you ps3 fanboys in this thread going crazy because of Cliffy's opinion on a controller. You are a sad group of console owners. Very sad.

airheadluffy4858d ago

if you hate a console for its controller you got problems. i understand that you dont like the controller, but thats not a good reason to not play game on its system.

if you use the controller as a reason not to buy a console then you are hopeless. only idiots would say such nonsense. i mean cmon as long as it works it doesnt matter how it set up.

kitzuki4858d ago

the onlything stopping the 360 controller from being the best controller is the D pad it completely turns me away from saying its the best
and i swear if another person tells me to buy a arcade stick to play fighting games .......

BabyStomper50004858d ago

"The N64 controller was the worse controller ever though."

You're forgetting the gamecube. At least with the N64 controller you could sit further than 5 feet away from your console.

LastDance4858d ago

now....lets get one thing no historian or comparitive scientist....But the ps3 controller has every part of it funtioning, and funtioning well. the the 360 D-pad is next to useless. the math?

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P4KY B4858d ago

The 360 controller feels like an extension of my mind.

DARK WITNESS4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

well i own a ps3, but for a long time i didn't want to get one. i was going to get a ps2, until i played with an xbox.

i like the ps3, but i still don't like the controller... especially not for FPS games. I just find it very uncomfortable.

Still, just my thoughts.. Now i am going to duck behind the sofa and watch the raging flame war to come.

This is not going to go down well !

Stryfeno24858d ago

I agree...I can't stand the PS analogs...They are to close together.

rosebowl234858d ago

i personally dislike the 360 controller. it asymmetrical, the analog triggers are horrible, and the d-pad is broken. otherwise its fine, but the ps3 controller feels like its floating in my hands. i prefer it greatly.

NegativeCreepWA4858d ago

The 360 controller was built for shooters the ps3 controller wasn't. So I like the 360 controller more.

flOw4858d ago

Xbox controller is good for those who have big and fat hands...

mfwahwah4858d ago

Honestly, I feel the same way, but vice versa. The 360 controller is a main reason I don't own a 360, and when I'm playing PS3 it feels like I'm not even holding a controller half the time.

That's probably due to playing with that controller design for a decade though...

ape0074858d ago

360 controller is much more comfortable

I truly feel like I grab something and play

thebudgetgamer4858d ago

but for a dev to basicly say since i don't like the controller so screw you 15 million ps3 owners is wrong

airheadluffy4858d ago

you are an absolute idiot or a fanboy. what idiot would say that he wont buy a console because of its controller? thats like saying i wont buy a certain tv because i dont like how its remote is setup. i mean it still works basically the same.

BabyStomper50004858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

Both the controllers are better suited for different kinds of games. But if you really wanted to you can get one of these:

and @thebudgetgamer: You forgot about the 120 million PS2 owners on top of that.

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Deviant4858d ago

leave him alone. there is just nothing else left to criticize.

INehalemEXI4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )

I hate the L2 and R2 buttons on the PS3 controller especially R2 because they can't withstand my muscular finger. They either break after awhile or start sticking. Warhawk (CTF) is the game that causes such frequent, frenzied use of R2.

I also hate the D-Pad on 360. The perfect controller for me would be the DS3 with modified triggers.

A PCPS360 Hybrid Controller Madcatz or some periphial company should make this it would rock.

va_bank4858d ago

I have 410 hours in Warhawk (half of it flying) and still have my original sixaxis. But I do agree that the L2, R2 buttons could have been implemented better.

mfwahwah4858d ago

If you want a PCPS360 controller, then I can recommend you part of it. It's a PCPS3 controller:

It's probably the closest thing you'll find, and with a 9.1 from IGN, I'd think it's a pretty good thing to settle for. I've never tried it though (not big on FPS, but I'm opening up to them).

Sony Rep4858d ago (Edited 4858d ago )


How smart is it...saying you won't develop for the PS3 because of the fccking controller!?

XBOX wont be ahead forever. Then what?

Prepare to blackballed, [email protected]

RealityCheck4858d ago

The more he talks the less respect I have for him. Really, he has nothing to gain from saying things like this. Each controller has its flaws, not to consider a console just because of that is kind of silly.

ohnoTheRancor4858d ago

my thoughts exactly!

and if CliffyB is gonna go all "company man" for Microsoft, i'm not sure MS really wants this guy as a mouthpiece for their company.

Gothdom4858d ago

This category mainly consists of


Look at how they are all making MS exclusives.

mfwahwah4858d ago

Also, can't Cliffy here just, oh I don't know... not play the PS3 version? Just watch someone else play it for him?

Honestly, he doesn't build the game on his own, so why does he want to shun a system because of HIS controller preferences.

If I was a game dev, I wouldn't give 2 ****s about the controller I prefer. I'd be more concerned with making a game that the most people possible could enjoy. I always thought that was the point of making games, but people like Cliffy and Gabe Newell certainly contradict that. Nomura too, but I haven't heard him insult/shun a system; I may just have missed that though.

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