Top 10 Underwhelming Games In Great Series

Screen Critics chooses the games that disappointed most from otherwsie great series. What titles disappointed you most of all?

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Gardenia501d ago

Where is Final Fantasy XIII?

notachance501d ago

mass effect andromeda would be my #1

Derceto501d ago

Deus Ex Mankind Divided should be #1. Mostly because it had the potential to be incredible, and was totally f**ked in the a** by SquareEnix dinosaur mentality in marketing.

Notellin501d ago

Mankind divided doesn't belong on this list because it was still an incredible game.

This list isn't what fantastic games screwed themselves over by bad marketing, it's a list of bad games in an otherwise great series.

The down votes speak volumes in how far off topic you are with this comment.

Rangerman1208501d ago

Halo 5, God of War Ascencion, Final Fantasy 13, Star Ocean 5, Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes, Assassin's Creed Unity, Gears of War Judgement, Batman Arkaham Origins, and DMC should have been on the list.

Also, fun fact: Steel Battlion Kinect was actually developed by, and I'm not kidding, FROM SOFTWARE, the people who made the Souls games.

bjjcna501d ago

Look past the name and DMC was a great game.
Not Devil may cry, but definitely worth a play through. Arkham origins was solid and with a little more polish it could have been better than City.

TC731501d ago

DMC was awesome. Best combat in the entire series. People hated it because Dante wasn't a weaboo's wet dream anymore.

Fist4achin501d ago

Hilarious. Yeah, i dont know why everyone was so stuck on his appearance. I enjoyed the reboot by ninja theory.

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