Need for Speed Pre-Orders Are a Slap in the Face

Pc Aficionado: "Ghost Games and EA announced the next entry into their, increasingly subpar, racing series. Need for Speed Pre-Orders are insulting."

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_082549d ago

If others on other platforms can't get those, that is indeed a slap in the face. They should rethink this!

poolbuddy2549d ago

I understand pre-orders, but putting your customers at a disadvantage because they didn't pre-order just seems dirty to me.

freshslicepizza2549d ago

The whole business model is very shady but if people are willing to put a down payment early then maybe they should get something in return. You even have retailers like Gamestop adding fuel to the mix. What worse is having console exclusive items where the other fanbase has no option to even get that content when they buy the game while paying the same price.

XbladeTeddy2548d ago

Sega has been the worst I've seen, stopping people playing an entire faction if they didn't pre-order in Warhammer: Total War. If you didn't pre-order you had to pay around £5 to unlock the Chaos faction.

Pro_TactX2548d ago


Then they aren't stopping people from playing a faction. If the faction can be purchased for £5, then the preorder bonus, for all intents and purposes, is a £5 discount.

XbladeTeddy2548d ago

@ Pro_TactX: Still a bad thing to do though. Chaos is a major faction in Warhammer. Shouldn't penalise people just because they don't want to pre-order by charging them extra for an unlock code to a whole faction.

bouzebbal2548d ago

This series lost every bit of appeal since PS2.
Dirt 4 will be the racer I will buy this year together with GT and WipEout omega

indyman77772547d ago

If it seems dirty to you, then that means it seems EA like to you. See what I did there? EA is Dirty.

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Liqu1d2549d ago

I'm sure people who don't pre-order will be able to get them at a later date, for a fee of course.

poolbuddy2548d ago

Yeah, probably for a fee. Which is insane.

Phunkydiabetic12548d ago

"a slap in the face"

Settle down the melodrama there bud, it's a friggin videogame. A videogame that is giving out a few extra cars for pre-order in, this isn't he end of the world man.

super_cuddles2548d ago

The end is near, I miss out on my turbo vee dub cuz I no preorder my beloved 6 months til bargain bin race game

Derceto2548d ago

EA. Pre-order bulls**t. Ya, just another day in the gaming world.

Phill-Spencer2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Yes it's bullshit but it's the gamers fault for not boycotting it. I mean do you guys remember that last gen there was a time when publishers tried to force us buying a code to be able to play online multiplayer when you purchased a used copy of a game. That thing disappeared so fast that i sometimes even forget it existed, because seemingly and thankfully users didn't fall for that crap. Same would happen with preorder dlc's and season passes in no time.


Imo far back in the days preordering games was kind of useful because it could happen that you wouldn't get one at release but nowadays i really believe that 95% of the games are available in enough quantities so everyone gets one copy at release, and ofcourse i don't even have to talk about digital versions at all. Preordering only makes sense for niche games where stores don't get flooded with copies.

dilbig52548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

That online Pass thing was technically kind of fair. While not appealing from a customer side, it is their game that you aren't paying them for.

And season passes have been around for quite awhile. I see no downside to those lol.

Phill-Spencer2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I won't argue with you on your first point. You bought the product used and still use their servers, i don't like it as a consumer but i understand that. But as ea states themselves consumers showed their dislike by voting by not buying said online passes.

But spending money on dlc in advance for a season pass, when you know know nothing about the quality of said dlc is almost the same as preordering a game when you know nothing about the final quality of the game. And just like preordering you also mostly get items you can only receive through a season pass.

JBaby3432548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I wish people would stop jumping through whatever hoops companies present for "extra content". I hate season passes and never buy them even more than preorder bonuses. If I pay for the game I should get the game in its entirety. Don't try to syphon more money from me. Especially when all I'm paying for is an unlock code for what's already there. People need to stop supporting these practices.

Yui_Suzumiya2548d ago

Hell I thought they still did it, lol

dilbig52547d ago

I always wait for a season pass to get all the stuff at once, I only get it if I'm really into the game. Personally though, I've probably only bought maybe 6 season passes.

Phill-Spencer2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


Yes imo that is a very reasonable way to do it. Wait until you see what you get and then buy the pass. But season passes are clearly intended to make consumers pay for stuff they have no knowledge about what they get and i strongly believe that most interested buy it already when the game releases, i don't have any evidence though.

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StormLegend2548d ago

Back in the day when we had no online EA was one of the best developers around. It's sad how they've fallen with season passes and pre-orders.

Princess_Pilfer2548d ago

Stop buying their games, and email them telling them why. If enough people do it, they'll stop. As long as people continue to act against their own best interests, EA will keep exploiting everybody.

Phunkydiabetic12548d ago

Pfff HAHAHAHAHAHA "exploiting".

You're joking right? Diamond companies using children to mine precious resources is exploiting. This is a videogame company offering preorder bonuses and season passes for what amounts to a luxury.

A luxury that has zero bearing on anyone's life. You don't need a videogame to survive. This isn't a necessity to survive here, it's a VIDEOGAME. You have the choice not to buy it, there is no exploitation going on here at all.

It is fantastic that your life is so well put together that you would consider a season pass and preorder bonuses as exploitation, I hope it continues this way for you, but get a little perspective here.

DreadGara2547d ago

And yet people are buying their garbage games.

Princess_Pilfer2547d ago

Wether or not it's a luxery has literally no bearing, and just because some companies take exploitation of customers or (in this case) workers much farther doesn't mean that isn't what EA is doing.

What you've done is the equivilant of saying "Serial killer? There are governments and effective governments that kill thousands of people per year, Ted Bundi isn't a serial killer," which, needless to say, isn't an argument. One is worse, both are bad.

Phunkydiabetic12547d ago


There is zero exploitation going on here. As per definition...

"use (a situation or person) in an unfair or selfish way.
"the company was exploiting a legal loophole"

benefit unfairly from the work of (someone), typically by overworking or underpaying them.
"making money does not always mean exploiting others"

The first definition doesn't apply here because you have the choice whether or not to purchase the season pass or preorder crap. It has zero bearing on the full game. It is literally "bonus" stuff.

The second definition doesn't apply for obvious reasons. There is nothing exploitive about what EA is doing. Give it up.

Princess_Pilfer2547d ago

1: google what it's like to work at a place like EA or Ubisoft. Spoiler: It's exploitation.

2: Yeah, trying to bully people into buying a game before it's out based on literally nothing but pre-release info the company trying to sell you a product has exclusive control over by punishing you for not buying early by carving out sections of the game is unfair. They're punishing you for being a good consumer and waiting for 3rd party info and reviews that are more representative of the product than the info EA will ever give.

Phunkydiabetic12547d ago


Are you like 14 years old or something? That had to be the most ridiculous responses I've read on here today. The working conditions at EA have literally ZERO to do with what we are talking about. Way to move the goalposts there champ. I'm not even sure what you're trying to say with that first "point". I'm assuming you googled the definition of "exploiting" and finally realized it has nothing to do with preorder bonuses and season passes being offered ON A VIDEOGAME?

As for your second point, if you could even call it that, is this how soft society has become? Has society been pussified to such a degree that when a videogame publisher offers an extra incentive for preordering (which amounts to a few cars?) it is considered "bullying"?! Are you for real right now?

So the definition of bullying is the use of force or intimidation to force him or her to do what one wants. Please, please show me where this intimidation is. Please show me this use of force that EA has applied upon the masses in order to get a bunch of preorders and season pass sales.

It is brutal to think that there are fragile enough minds out there that people feel intimidated and bullied when presented with a superfluous addition to a game. I'm trying to think of something more entitled than this and I'm drawing blanks right now. Let me guess, you were there on the picket lines protesting Bioware and EA's creative decisions on the Mass Effect 3 ending as well eh?