Witcher Author Sapkowski Rejected CDPR's First Contract Draft Over Misspelling of Geralt

Witcher creator and author Andrzej Sapkowski rejected CD Projekt Red’s first draft contract offer for The Witcher 1 over the misspelling of lead character Geralt’s name, according to the studio’s original head Sebastian Zieliński.

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Nu1516d ago

And yet he undercharged for the licensing of the Witcher, how ironic.

Michiel19891516d ago

A local writer who only writes in Polish, which has hardly any chance to get an English translation. What do you expect him to do? Ask a higher price and they won't take it, then you are left with nothing.

What he should have done is made a contract for lik 1 or 2 games and review the license afterwards.

1516d ago
1516d ago