Need for Speed Payback - First official screenshots released

EA release the first official Need for Speed Payback screenshots

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Inzo2550d ago

Looks great, looks like a Furious X Most Wanted with a dab of Underground. And best of all, the campaign is offline.

Omnislashver362550d ago

Not really a fan of Fast and Furious, but this interests me regardless. Need to see it at E3 though to make a call.

InTheZoneAC2549d ago

not sure how any car guy can honestly say they're not a fan of fast and furious. Must be one of "those" movie critics...

Omnislashver362549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Or maybe we all have different tastes? And who said I was a serious car guy? I don't driver a fast car lmao.

I've enjoyed some of the NFS games and even some Fast and Furious movies but honestly they've gotten worst in my opinion over time. Fast and Furious is repetitive as fuck as well.

gbsrnctaln2550d ago

Nice to see daytime driving is back lol. I really liked the last one, but found the nighttime only a bit strange.

andrewsquall2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Game engine limitations sure are a bummer with these types of games. Fingers crossed it has the typical generic Frostbite human character models seen in all its games.

andrewsquall2550d ago

Another Frostbite NFS game? HAHAHAHA..... no.

_-EDMIX-_2550d ago

Why no?

The engine isn't making the game bud, developers are. If they sucked with the last game, they'd suck with this game regardless of engine.

Not sure why you think an engine is going to change if you like it or not lol

If they said, UE4 then yes? You'd have more fun cause graphrax BRO? lol