Heavy Rain PS3/PS4 reaches 4,5 million sales worldwide

QUANTIC DREAM facebook page:
"We are very proud to announce that combined sales of HEAVY RAIN on PS3 (released in 2010) and PS4 (released in 2016) are now in excess of 4,5 million units worldwide. Kuddos to our fans!"

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Septic502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Nice one.

Never got to play it because I walk into the living room and my bro is right at the ending with the biggest spoiler ever.

I was like "what I thought he was....?"

My bro: "Oh yeah eerr....this is kind of a big spoiler"


bouzebbal502d ago

one of my top 3 favorite games from last gen.
unforgettable experience.

MegamanXXX502d ago

What's up with the disagrees LMAO

trooper_502d ago

This game was amazing. I loved every minute of it. I was crap at the qte's but it didn't take the enjoyment out of it.

Well deserved sales.

XanderZane502d ago

The game is great. I never completed it however. Everyone was giving it a bad rap because of the QTE, but the story was on point. I should go back and finish the game. Still need to finish The Walking Dead as well.

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FallenAngel1984503d ago

Heavy Rain sold more than Gears of War 4

BLizardXD503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

@ "Heavy Rain sold more than Gears of War 4"

-- "Quantic Dream revealed that the combined sales of Heavy Rain on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3" ---

combined sales. Heavy rain's been out for 7 years now. Gears 4 is.. "counts" 9 months old. sooo... why not compare it to the original gears of war, which sold 22 million?
Or compare it to the combined sales of Gears of war and Ultimate edition's 25 million?

edit - i also don't see the connection to heavy rain and gears of war....

DevilOgreFish502d ago

According to VG gears of war 1 on xbox 360 has 6.09 million.

in comparison
Halo 3 xbox 360 is 12.2 million.

Minecraft 122 million <--

Tacobell323502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

"According to VG gears of war 1 on xbox 360 has 6.09 million. "
thank you.
and even still, it's combined sales were still far from the original gears xbox 360. which both virtually share nothing in common.

Sunny_D502d ago

Wrong info you got there. Gears of war SERIES sold over 22 million meaning all Gears games combined as of 2014.

502d ago
_-EDMIX-_502d ago


Wouldn't that be an even bigger deal that Heavy Rain was able to even come near those type of sales in the first place? Consider heavy rain is not a big Triple-A Blockbuster shooter.


Why are you getting defensive?

Also the first Gears of War regardless of combined sales never sold that amount.



Is this how desperate the Xbox Community is in regards to relevance? You guys are getting your feelings hurt because something like heavy rain is matching sales of what should be MS biggest AAA Blockbuster title?

EatCrow502d ago

Ummm according to vgchartz. Heavy rain is at 3.5ish

XanderZane502d ago

Exactly!! Because he's trolling and making himself look like a fool.

That's like saying Halo 3 sold more then Bloodborne.
Sounds a bit dumb, doesn't it?

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FallenAngel1984503d ago (Edited 502d ago )

You think Gears of War 1 sold 22 million? You fail and your own link shows how much so. That link says the entire Gears of War franchise as a whole sold 22 million, not the first installment which sold 5.88 million you fraud.

LexHazard79502d ago

Arent you the fraud? Why not compare Heavy Rain sales to Gears of War 1 sales? Woops cant do it cause Heavy Rain would get annihilated lol...

FallenAngel1984502d ago

Gears of War should have no problem annihilating Heavy Rain sales irregardless of the circumstance.

The fact that Microsoft still refuses to give out concrete sales data for Gears of War 4, an installment in their second biggest flagship series, while Sony has no issue in revealing Heavy Rain's sales speaks volumes.

P.S. According to VGChartz Gears of War 4 also hasn't even outsold Gears of War: Ultimate Edition yet.

LexHazard79502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

Lol....Big accomplishment? I mean how long has Heavy Rain been on the market for? Oh 2 systems and still only managed 4 mil.. what a Fannie!!

Sunny_D502d ago

A niche game that was different when it came out compared to a shooter? Hmmm, don't know if that should be a compliment🤣

Dark_Knightmare2502d ago

You even comparing heavy rain and gears sales is f**king laughable you fanboys will reach for the stars when trolling its pathetic get a damn life

_-EDMIX-_502d ago

How come Gears of War does not have its sales scaling like this?

Success is Not an inevitability.

A game succeeds in sales because somebody believes it is worth it and justifiable to purchase the game.

I would argue that even a game that is released a long time ago continuing to sell actually justifies its success because the community has had a lots of time to scrutinize the game.

If you're going to claim that the sales of a game is unjustified it only really makes sense in a short window of time where someone was fooled to believing the game was of a specific quality but so many years actually kind of shows the game is a quality game if people decided to buy it even with all the information out about the game.

Get over it this game matched Gears of War sales and Microsoft pumped a crapload of money into Gears of War being this big Triple A property.

Get over it.

Kiwi66502d ago

Well you'd hope that a game that was on two consoles would sell more copies than a game that was on one , don't you think

Kiwi66502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

So Heavy Rain was on PS3(2010) & then PS4(2016) , which as far as i know are 2 different consoles

XanderZane502d ago

What about Gears 1 & 2 which were actually in the same generation as Heavy Rain? Last I checked XB1 doesn't have over 85 million consoles sold yet (like PS3 & XBox 360). Stop the trolling.

Silly gameAr502d ago

Wasn't really necessary, but I guess some people can't help themselves.


It actually sold more than any xbone exclusive with the exception of halo 5.

XanderZane501d ago

And Halo 1, 2, 3, 4 and Reach outsold Bloodborne, Nier: Automata, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Gravity Rush 2, The Last Guardian, Killzone:SF, Knack. etc.., etc..

Seriously... who cares?
Mario Kart on the Wii outsold all of these games with over 35 million sold. Do you care?
You trolls are sad.

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theXtReMe1503d ago

Very cool. Am I the only one who hasnt played it yet? I have it sitting here for the PS4, just havent gotten to it yet.

Nicaragua502d ago

Yes, out of 80 million PS3's sold, and 50 million PS4's sold, and factoring in the 4.5 million copies of this game sold, then you are definitely the only person who has not played it yet.

EatCrow502d ago

Lol. Good job. Many have yet to play it.

mwjw696502d ago

Sony can have them. They make great movies and awfull games.

AspiringProGenji502d ago (Edited 502d ago )

And what do you do? Troll and be so ignorant. At least they make money doing what they love, while you will never have diversity on Xbox because of that closed mindrd attitude

Araragifeels 502d ago

David Cage already gave an approval to be bought by PlayStation but knowing PlayStation, they would like how to see if their next game is successful. Naughty Dog took 3 games, Sucker Punch took 4 games to be bought but then again Media Molecules took 1 games to be bought. It just depends, if PlayStation believe it would be worth to buy the Studio. I believe they are worthy to be bought since Heavy Rain was awesome, specially the plot twist and Beyond Two Souls was great except the rush ending but overall they are a amazing team using an amazing engine.