Xbox 360 Slim: An update

After Saturday's story about the 360 slim being confirmed by Microsoft Executives in India, the company has issued denials internationally. Here, gives you a final update on the story, along with Microsoft's official statement.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3669d ago

The article says

Microsoft:"We are working on flops for 2008 like Banjo Kazooie and Tears of Bore 1.5"

Microsoft:"The 360 slim is a lie just like Xbox Live is the best,Halo 3 was amazing,and RROD does not exist"

Microsoft:"We have delayed mediocre games like Alan Wait and and Halo Bores to spread out the floptastrophe for 2009"

bumnut3669d ago

how has a tool like you got so many bubbles?

Freezingduck3669d ago

*takes a bubble*

haha you can't do sh!t to me ==> new account = one click away

dro3669d ago

man i hope they bring out the slim, it looks so sick. alot of people will say it looks like ps2 slim but hate it or love it it looks good.

bumnut3669d ago

i gave you an agree, us weed addicts need to stick together

Sena Kobayashi3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

LOOOOOOOOOLL YOU TOWELLY MOTHERFU!KERS ARE FUNNY AS F!CK :us weed addicts need to stick together thing made my day !

Bubbles up for you guys

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timmyrulz3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

and other breaking news, Lord Yoshida had offically been declared a c0ck.

When asked about his new status his repsonse was "duuurrrrr, yes boss i got blu ray"

Sez 3669d ago

i think he's just upset that sony isn't giving alot of avertizing for killbore,little,stick,dolls,an d G2(gimp fall of man 2)

pp3669d ago

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digger183669d ago

No, you already have that title.

bumnut3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

but im concerned about heat, the standard 360 gets very hot.

making it smaller will just increase the problem.

@DRO, still not changed your pick i see

maybe this site is big enough for 2 towelees

rroded3669d ago

hopefully the smaller sku means they retooled it completely...
with any luck this is the death of rrod :D

Xelai3669d ago

Yerp is smaller, but if as said it is a 45nm GPU + CPU in same chip, the heat would be minimal as well as power consumption.

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