Up Next – A look at the Xbox One games out in June 2017

Fin writes "It’s mid-2017 and that can only mean one thing... more Xbox One games for us to enjoy!

Yes, even though history dictates the middle couple of months of every year is seen as a quiet period in video game releases, 2017 is bucking the trend and continuing to deliver a number of titles that are well worth getting involved in. But what new Xbox One games will be on store shelves near you in the coming weeks? We take a look."

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SlyBoogie19932010d ago

After the failure of the broken Friday 13th i'm hoping Dead by Daylight has a better launch, but there's some great ones this month, especially Syndrome

XanderZane2008d ago

Valkyria Revolution & Demons Age looks pretty good to me. I will probably give these a try. Wait a minute, I thought XBox One had no games to play. /s Looks like plenty to me.

Fist4achin2009d ago

Sweet. Looks like more great stuff and im all out of money. Damn!

InKnight7s2009d ago Show
DiRtY2009d ago

a new game every 2 days in June is a lot imo.

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