Games That Changed Our Lives: ‘Resident Evil 2’

'Resident Evil 2' opened my eyes to the ancillary storytelling strengths of video games.

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FallenAngel1984507d ago

When are we going to get an update on that RE2 remake

BlackTar187505d ago

Resident evil 1 changed the industry.

2 was great but 1&3 are my favorite in the trilogy

Becuzisaid505d ago

Really can't make myself enjoy RE3. Not sure why

Dabigsiebowski505d ago

Three was good but lacked the content the first two had imo.

BlackTar187505d ago

That's unfortunate. The tyrant chasing you was something I'll always remember and mercenary mode was one of my favorite things back in the day.

SolidGear3505d ago

Yeah, the first will always be my favorite :3

sk8ofmnd505d ago

Code veronica x is my fav

Rebel_Scum505d ago

"Storytelling strengths"? The story was pretty piss poor when playing as Leon imo. The game is only three hours long if that and in that time Leon goes from just meeting Ava to acting like he knows her and then onto getting hard out feels for her. Its ridiculous.

At least with the first game the Stars and Bravo members already had history together and the story about the mansion was still a mystery. Resident Evil sequels would've worked a lot better if the story didn't carry on into the next game.

505d ago