PS Plus: Free Games for June 2017

Dive into a frenetic co-op zombie slayer -- and a decidedly more mellow episodic adventure -- with this month's lineup.

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UCForce2601d ago

Good Job, Sony ! June for Plus owners are good to go.

TGGJustin2601d ago

Sorry buy the PS+ lineup this month is FAR better than the GWG lineup. Watch Dogs not only is super old but it wasn't even a great game when it did come out. Life is Strange is one of the best games this generation and Killing Floor 2 is excellent as well not to mention only 7 months old at this point. Good going this month Sony.

xPhearR3dx2601d ago

While I agree, why even bring up GWG when their line up has been far superior for awhile now? As a PS+ user this is the first month since probably Rocket League that I'm going to download and play from start to finish. Even though RL isn't SP, I spent hours upon hours playing it.

Summons752601d ago

Not sure about KF2 and it sure isn't my cup of tea but with LIS this month seems pretty strong.

medman2601d ago

I'll be downloading Life is Strange for sure...unfortunately for me it will only add to my ever growing backlog of games I have to play at some point...I need more free time.

andron2601d ago

Nice. Already have LiS, but Killing Floor 2 seems cool...

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