Xbox Live Arcade revenues up 67 per cent

Microsoft has announced that it saw a 58 per cent increase in unique members purchasing titles on Xbox Live Arcade during its five-week Summer of Arcade program.

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TheMART3671d ago

Yep, the price is right at 199 dollars and now 149 Euro in the Netherlands! (Special offer, untill the end of this year, then it will be 179 Euro again, or MS might take the offer on from that time on 149 Euro).

The mass starts buying like the mass of people that bought the PS2 at the right price...

felidae3671d ago

lol. all the people i know want to buy a ps3 because it's so "special".

the 360 is like ... dead

outlawlife3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

apparently you guys didn't read the article

this is referring to the number of purchases by unique users on xbox live arcade aka new people buying downloadable games

not the arcade system, not anything about the price drop, not anything about ps3, and most definitely not anything about what console your friends want