Press Start: Far Cry 5 is already controversial

The changes coming to the Far Cry series with its fifth entry are big, and already fans are freaking out, writes Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee.

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Timesplitter14657d ago (Edited 657d ago )

The controversy is completely artificial. It's the kind of situation where people think "people are surely upset about this", but in reality almost no one is. It's just journalists looking for opportunities to write articles.

Yesterday's petition was very clearly a joke/satire/fake. If you don't believe me, please re-read the part where they say "Us gamers are sick of having our romantic advances being rejected due to our hobby". There is no way that was serious. Chances are it was actually written by a journalist who wanted a nice little fake controversy to write about.

The only people who are actually upset about this probably live in trailer parks and don't even have access to the internet or electricity

MorpheusX656d ago (Edited 656d ago )

Its the Fake News Syndrome.

Controversy to rile the People up.

DJ_Professor_K656d ago

Fake or "real news " is all bout riling people up an controversy Is the way most of the world gets their attention like a kicking screaming six year old

Fearmonkey657d ago (Edited 657d ago )

I am hoping that overly political left are hyping this and that its just cultists and not trying to make any political statements. While some might enjoy that, I wouldn't, I like my games non political and SJW free. Im taking a wait and see on this one and I love the Far Cry games. If it becomes a political mess, then I will avoid it like the plague.

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FunAndGun657d ago

This is the first Far Cry I am interested in because of the political entertainment value.

It is a fictional game, so not sure why you have a problem separating fact from fiction or getting your political views tarnished with propaganda....I mean, you can't be that weak, can you?

I would love to see what some of your favorite games are since you avoid politics in games. How about murder in cool with that? I like how everyone is fine with straight up senseless digital murder, but once "politics" comes into play, that is where you draw the line. I guess you have priorities, lol.

Fearmonkey655d ago (Edited 655d ago )

I dont totally avoid politics in games, Bioshock/Deus Ex are great for instance. What I meant was I dont like having a pointed political message in that one belief is bad or one belief system is good, that the politics of the dev gets pushed on me when i dont want that.(Like mass Effect: Andromeda) If Far Cry 5 is going to be a conservative or christian is bad baloney, then yes I wouldnt play it, but I suspect its not, though some writers are making their previews seem that way.

ziggurcat657d ago

it's just religious cultists. it's quite apparent just by the last supper homage in the image that's been used to represent the game.

LadyLuna657d ago

That's because americans get a sore a$$ anytime someone takes a shot at them in any form of entertainment. The whiniest country in the world I swear.

Goldby656d ago

even worse now that their president is crying about how mean the news outlets are.

so very very mean

LgbtWarrior657d ago

It's 2017. No one is freaking out but the game sites trying to stir the pot. I think it actually looks really good. This world is filled with religious psycho's. It's nothing new. Looking forward to it more than any other far cry.

thing_uk657d ago

The only reason this is controversial is it is pointing out the truth of Americans in the Bible Belt (albeit taken to the extreme). I hope this game does not pull it's punches and holds a mirror up to America.

opinionated656d ago

It's not set in the Bible Belt lol. If it held a mirror up then none of that would be going on lol.

I think a more accurate similarity is when people from the north east ruin their state and move south. It's nice to see them siphon their state retirement and dump their money here but they bring their voting with them. They are like cockroaches and invade small towns and counties just like in the game. Sure they aren't shooting up the place but they do demand conformity. That's what leftists do, the modern day cultists.

Goldby656d ago

so your saying these religious fanatics are from New York and washington???

opinionated656d ago

No, I'm just saying that it's a more accurate representation of what is going on in the game as far as ideologies taking over towns, counties, etc. I would consider modern progressives religious fanatics though. The faith based collective. It's cultish and robotic for sure.

ShaunCameron656d ago

In other words, liberals are liberals as long as they don't have to live under what they advocate.

ShaunCameron656d ago

The game is actually set up North. The Bible Belt is in the South.

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