4K On A Budget: GTX 970 vs Batman Arkham Knight + More

Can a mainstream GPU like GTX 970 run ALL of the Batman Arkham titles at 4K? Even the notoriously sub-optimal Arkham Knight? Yes... yes it can! Well... almost.

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OoglyBoogly596d ago

I don't know why they'd be using a GTX 970 for this. Seriously. The 290X is cheaper (new or used), has more RAM and a memory bus practically MADE for 4K and is more powerful on top of it all!

Forget the GTX 970...for the time it was a good card but it's been beaten by cheaper options and is pretty irrelevant these days, especially if you're looking to get a GPU now.

Genova84596d ago

Idk about AMD, but with a 1080ti, I am currently getting around 40 fps in ghost recon 4k, max settings. The 970 is not meant for 4k gaming.

Allsystemgamer596d ago

Ghost recon is also extremely uniptomized. They tied the amount of vegetation to draw distance etc. It wasn't made correctly.

I have a 1080 and I can barely hold 60fps @ 1080p.

Meanwhile in mass effect andromeda and bf1 at 1080p I can go well above 200 fps

Death596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

1070 at the minimum for 4K and then depending on the game, probably not at high on all settings for a decent 30+ frame rate. My 1080 is getting 60fps in Forza Apex at max settings, but Arkham is hovering just over 30fps in 4K. Ideally a pair of 1070's or 1080's if you want to stay closer to 60fps. A 970 really isn't an option unless you want to turn down a lot of the settings.