Split Screen Is Dying? Or Maybe It's Dead?

Juan Jovi writes:

"Is it me, or is the split screen feature slowly fading away from mainstream? I was reminiscing about the old days of the N64, where split screen was almost a standard for many N64 games. Getting together with your friends, popping in Goldeneye and taking turns battling it out with the loser with the least kills giving up the controller. Soon falling suit was the Playstation with its awkward boomerang multitap and the cult classic Dreamcast sporting the four ports on the front, then the Xbox, then the Gamecube, then the PS2 with its awkward block multitap. But it seems as if with the new generation, split screen is becoming a thing of the past. Granted the current systems support up to four controllers (seven for the PS3, why is Sony so weird when it comes to this? I know it's for bluetooth devices, but why the odd number?), but it seems as if everything is moving online."

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Cajun Chicken3671d ago

Splitscreen is important if not more important than online play.
I love a splitscreen game, but the fact is so many games are seriously pushing the limit of a consoles technicalities that split screen would kill the framerate or lower the quality significantly.
Shame really, best recent game to do it is Wipeout HD.
But yeah, I would like to see up to 4 players one one screen offline again. System link is so last gen.

Timesplitter143671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

is the day real gaming dies.

I agree 100% with you. Split-screen ­­>>> online. I almost don't give a damn about online. It's 1000 times better to play with friends all night on a couch and a good supply of chips and coke. These gaming nights always end with infinite laughs because someone did something hilariously stupid in the game and we all start doing silly stuff. These moments are among the best moments of my life

Hopefully there's Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 coming up :D (and LBP. It's not split screen but it's about the same thing. Like SSB)

edit : oh yeah and last gen's great king of split-screen : Timesplitters 4!!! Can't wait!

Nitrowolf23671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

question is it true that they tooked out co-op offline for R2? cause man that would suck i was really hoping to play with my buddy.i do really enjoy 4 player splitscreen on games like COD4, Resistance, Halo, Warhawk and other games. If they ever tooked that out permitly i would be very sad.

EDITED: sorry about that timesplitter, i used DONT by accident

thor3671d ago

No it's not true - split-screen co-op is confirmed for resistance 2, you just can't play it on the single-player campaign, because there's a dedicated co-op campaign. It's very likely there will be split-screen online co-op, whilst this hasn't been confirmed it's been hinted at by the devs.

Timesplitter143671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Maybe you haven't played with the right people. Split-screen sillyness can bring you truly unforgettable moments.

I can remember in Goldeneye (in Facility), I was playing split-screen with 3 friends when we were kids. We were playing ''defend the toilets''. Two people had to defend the bathroom from the other 2 players. Man... we laughed SO hard that night. I can't really explain what happend (it would sound kinda lame just by writing it) but we were doing lots of little scenarios, saying ''man! I gotta take a dump!'' and entering the room with bullets and explosions everywhere, throwing a timed mine right in their faces before I die to kill them off. And after a few hours you realize that it's sunny outside, and the whole night seemed like 2 hours.

Those were THE days

Nitrowolf23671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

lol i was like wat the hell you talking about, and then i read over my post again and notice it said i dont really
suppose to be Do not dont
but anyway i agree with you, i know wat you mean also
lol i remember playing stuff like that when i was little. I guess when we get older we dont have as much fun as we use to.
lol i remember playing a shooter game (forgot wat it was called) but we would play kill the granny cause a character you could pick from was a grandma. lol she looked ugly as hell

VF34EJ253671d ago

I partially agree with Timesplitter. I don't think that gaming necessarily will die without Split Screen. But some of the most fun moments ever is when you play with friends on the same console. Which is why sports games is a blast to play.

Heck, I had a lot of hilarious Halo 2 days with my buds and can relate to the splitscreen silliness. Good memories indeed.

Timesplitter143671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Oh I see lol. Well that's awesome

Nitrowolf23671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

dude i wish more games would have 4-player split screen online. The only game i know is Warhawk and the Halo series. If more games could do that, that would be insane. KZ2 four player split

Peter Griffin3671d ago

or maybe reincarnated into something called Online play

Timesplitter143671d ago

My spider senses tell me that you never really experienced split screen

Nitrowolf23671d ago

reincarnated into online?
i dont know, i dont usually have as much fun when im playing with someone right next to me. Usually online you cant fool around and if you do people start leaving the game. SS you and your buddy can make wat ever game you want. Do want ever you dam pleas in SS. I dont know when i play online i feel like i need to do allot better then the other people.

Peter Griffin3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

i didnt mean that in a negative way. I love split screen. evedrything about it: the moments wit friends u cant get online etc etc.

but im just sayin at then end of the day on a perfect day, we all wish we ALL our friends had their own 52 inch bravias wit crystal clear communication so we wouldnt have to sacrifice screen size and texture.

i mean seriously Perfect Dark is the best FPS i ever played and that was all SS baby. All SS

EDIT: @1.11 this is certainly true as i thought i was the only one who felt that way lol. (about the being extra serious stuff). but u can always create ur own room and stuff. like i said in a perfect lag-free, crystal clear comm, infinite playin time, multiple video chat, snack infested, 60 inch Bravia 1080p world, Online is SS's evolved form or Reincarnation. Lets all agree to that one perfect day one day

gaminoz3671d ago

Splitscreen and BOTS....Timesplitters are STILL among the most fun at home multi games out there for those reasons. Stuff's increasingly only fun for those who take gaming too seriously, drunks, or those who can't get some people together at home.

There should be the option of both. COD does it, so there's no excuse for other shooter games not to.

SlyGuy3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I think WARHAWK has the perfect model! (minus the lack of bots)

Up to 4 player split-screen and online as well.

I still don't see why MORE companies cannot just sacrifice some graphical details for the split screen and show the true graphics for the full-screen! SIMPLE!

I wish COD4 did that...I would play it online more (since I have a brother who games with me).

mariusmal3671d ago

nothing beats split screen sillyness. 4 men in the 30's age playing cod4 together ? best nights ever :D

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Timesplitter143671d ago

Anyone knows what game it is in the pic?

xplosneer3671d ago

Positive it's a James Bond game, probably Goldeneye, not positive though.

Timesplitter143671d ago

That's not goldeneye. That's for sure. But maybe it's a 007 game, or Red Steel? I dunno

EastCoastSB3671d ago

It's James Bond: Rogue Agent

SaiyanFury3671d ago

As as an old-school gamer, split screen is very relevant to me. I don't like playing online as most peoples' online style completely clashes with my style. I prefer split screen 2 player. The only time I ever tried to play online was Tenchu Z on the 360. The players online completely missed the point of Tenchu. They ran up and killed the enemies and always got spotted. The point of the series is to analyze the enemy, learn the pattern and strike accordingly. I have Grandmastered every game in the series. Every level, every layout. My experience online completely soured me. Maybe I'm an old fogie but I prefer the original 2 player experience offered by older games. Resistance is the only shooter I play now with my brother in law. And we love it.

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DavidMacDougall3671d ago

Split screen is dead and High Def is the box there going to bury it in

Timesplitter143671d ago


Let's bury YOU in the high-def box and throw it into the sea

DJ3671d ago

But when I have get-togethers, Warhawk and Call of Duty 4 benefit a lot from this feature. Split-screen isn't dead, it's just a bit rare since all the consoles have online gaming now.

thor3671d ago

Is it true that COD4 has no bots in split-screen, and doesn't let you play online split-screen? How can it be fun with just 2-4 players? (Mind you I also wonder how anyone can play it with a 16-player limit).

Bots are lost as well, it seems. Just when the technology gets powerful enough to allow more intelligent bots, they take them out of almost every game.

VF34EJ253671d ago

Yeah COd4 has no bots in splitscreen. But 4 player split can still be pretty fun. Just had a recent get together with some friends, mix it up with some hennessy and you got 4 drunk adult men screaming at the tv screen playing "knives only" lol

HB-Sauce3671d ago

Man, you are in on the drunken Call of Duty aswell? It makes for some good times, infact me and my friends made a drinking game out of it; Whoever finishes first has to drink and they also chose someone to drink also.

EastCoastSB3671d ago

It always felt too cramped and I could never play well, especially in racing games.

Although it worked pretty well for Goldeneye.

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