Games That Completely Ripped Off Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar Games don’t own the third-person open-world genre, but they did a lot to advance it with the Grand Theft Auto franchise

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Cy1603d ago

Saint's Row took the GTA formula and perfected it, at least until 3 and 4 ruined the series and 5 actually turned out good. I've said it for years, but Saint's Row 2 is the best GTA game.

winter_hill1603d ago

He might be talking about GTA V.

Cy1602d ago

Yeah I meant GTA 5. VVVV

RosweeSon1602d ago

Perfected it haha it was already perfect in GTA.

Princess_Pilfer1601d ago

I strongly disagree. GTA (at least 3 and 4) takes itself super seriously nearly all of the time, but the most interesting/fun things in the games happen when players ignore the tone that the game sets and does things like engage in prolonged police chases involving the hijacking of tanks and military helecopters and attempting to backflip cars off of roofs.

Saints Row (at least from 2 on) recognize the best elements of GTA are the silly or absurd aspects and instead focus on those, actively rewarding it via challenges and side missions and weaving it into story missions. I'd argue that 3 goes a little too far and 4 is an outright parody, but that's a matter of perspective. The result is an experience that feels much more cohesive and all around better.

The one thing I like better about GTA as a whole (yes, only 1) is the greater diversity in landscape. 3 and 4 (iirc) had fairly significant like parks and stuff, which is a nice visual change of pace and if you built your car correctly they could be exploited to ditch the cops whos cars weren't as capable off road, and Saints row doesn't have many areas like that so little reason to bother with the "offroady" vehicles over a sports car or a battering ram (in truck/APC/Tank form.)

Fist4achin1603d ago

Immitation is a form of flattery. So what, Mario was one of the first platformers, Do we just say every platformer ripped it off?

Bahamut-Shin1603d ago

with that logic every FPS it's a rip off of Wolfenstein 3D,

fei-hung1603d ago

Arguable, GTA ripped off Shenmue and other sandbox that were on the pc.

Zabatsu1602d ago

No it did not, don't display crap like that without getting your facts straight. GTA was the first of its kind hitting the scene in 1997.

Relientk771602d ago

True Crime: Streets of LA and Saints Row

and they were fun

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