PI: Domino Master Review

PI Writes:

"At least the basics are intact. The five modes present -- Standard, All 5s, All 3s, Bergren, and Mexican Train -- are faithfully re-created, all playable offline against up to three A.I. players or human opponents. The rules change slightly depending on the mode; for example, Standard's won by emptying the tile tray, while All 5s focuses on point accruement. Domino Master translates the fundamental element of laying down domino tiles with equal-numbered ends next to each other without fail, but developer TikGames offers little to spice things up -- especially when it comes to the visuals.

Four of the modes are set against a generic green background and feature equally drab sound design and animation -- one might wonder if a "creativity pack" will be sold separately as downloadable content. Mexican Train at least looks a bit different, as the background and playing field transform into a desert railway where the dominoes represent boxcars, and the music's appropriately altered to help establish an Old West theme. "

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