WipEout Omega Collection vs WipEout HD Fury comparison

YouTube channel Cycu1 has created a video which shows us a side by side comparison of WipEout Omega Collection (PS4 Pro) and WipEout HD Fury (PS3).

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corroios1582d ago

Damn, the rez and textures its huge. The image is so Sharp!!!! and this game was already very good on the Ps3

bouzebbal1581d ago

Was 1080p 60fps on ps3.
This isn't just a resolution bump it's a complete rework.

First thing I'll do is beast zico on anulpha pass..

Teflon021581d ago

Only a real WipEout fan would say such a thing lol

bouzebbal1581d ago

only a WipEout fan would understand what another fan would say!
My love for this series started on Saturn.. A couple decades back ;)

Teflon021581d ago

My first one was I think WipEout on n64, I sucked then I played it on ps1 i think and eventually learned how to play lol. From that it was Hd on ps3 and then every WipEout release from then on I got. I went back and played the older ones I missed on emulation lol. I love this series, I really hope they'll make a entirely new game on ps4 after this.

Sniperwithacause1580d ago

Zone Zeus 🏆 , trying to hit zone 75!
Broke two controllers and still was unable to get that 🏆

bouzebbal1580d ago

Lol you made it even harder on yourself with a broken controller..
Zeus requires focus.
I platinumed HD and I wanna do the same with omega.
I couldn't platinum 2048 because they erased all my online progress I was so pissed. Got all arcade gold medals and made it pretty far in online.

ToastyMcNibbles1581d ago

I am soooo happy to have wipeout again I was afraid it wouldnt return again. Cant wait

Einhander19711581d ago

Looks stunning, yet another purchase .

Der_Kommandant1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

My neighbors are gonna listen the soundtrack.

Whether they like it or not.

Fist4achin1581d ago

That's right! When I listen to edm, so do my neighbors damn it!

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