Just playing these four colourful games could make you happy

Put a smile on your dial with these non-violent games. Their rainbow of colours will chase away the lockdown blues (and they are easy to learn).

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isarai856d ago

Streets of Rage 4
Sonic Mania
Grow Home/ Grow Up
Hotshots Racing

Are a few recent ones that really cheered me up playing them. Also not colorful but definitely EDF5 and Metal Wolf Chaos XD were just so corny they're amazing

SickSinceSix856d ago

Non violent games? ESRB says otherwise (I'm sure 90+% of games contain violence in some form)

For example from ESRB ratings :
Rayman Legends: Cartoon violence,
Wipeout Omega Collection: Fantasy violence
Fall Guys: Mild Cartoon Violence

MoonConquistador855d ago

Is there a point you're trying (yet failing) to make with your comment?

SickSinceSix855d ago

The point is, the artcle claims the games are non-violent. Just because there's no blood or gore doesn't mean it isn't violent. What's your point?

MoonConquistador855d ago

Only if you count what happens in Its a Knockout, Takeshi's Castle or Wipeout as violence.

The majority of people wouldn't.