PI: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review

PI Writes:

"Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood takes the franchise in a new and welcome direction, uprooting the titular anthropomorphic hedgehog and friends from their action-packed comfort zone and dropping them into a traditional-with-snazzy-modern-action-elements RPG environment that closely resembles -- and, really, outright apes -- Super NES classic Super Mario RPG and its handheld sequels, to great success. If you're assuming this isn't a hardcore RPG, you're correct. The chapter-based story is predictably lightweight and cartoony; things kick off with Sonic scouring Green Hill Zone and the surrounding areas for his kidnapped compatriot Knuckles, only to learn that the Chaos Emeralds -- the series' signature MacGuffins -- have gone missing. Sonic meets up with various pals along the way, and before you know it, he's got a posse of furries ready to battle the ominous Dark Brotherhood. It's as silly as it sounds, though it's never bad. Just don't expect any groundbreaking, KOTOR-ish narrative here -- this is Sonic we're talking about."

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