Revealed: SOCOM Confrontation's Frostfire Map (PS3)

If you're a die-hard SOCOM fan with a PlayStation 3, you're hopefully among the lucky thousands who are juggling firepower and encumbrance right now on the SOCOM: Confrontation beta. GameSpy has been earning our chops online -- getting chopped is actually more like it -- and are just as ready for Slant 6's shooter as you are. To whet your appetite for next month, they've got a new look at an old classic. Here's a glance at the new Frostfire, a redux from 2002's SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs.

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Raoh3725d ago

oh hell yea

i cant wait to get on that map..

i hope they bring back desert glory, rats nest, fox hunt also

hell bring them all back

chasuk083725d ago

Dammit by looking at this video i can see they still havent included anti aliasing !!!

LarVanian3725d ago

There is plenty of time for them to do some polishing before the games release.

Panthers3725d ago

This is Socom, not Killzone or Crysis. This map looks beautiful. Cant wait.

rroded3725d ago

this games really gotten great since the last patch
no doubt its going to b a classic for years to come
also gotta say great sound effects on this anyone with 5.1 is gonna get their moneys worth playing this :D

BattleAxe3725d ago

frostfire looks awesome. I hope you can't spawn bomb like you could on the Socom 2 version. I would love to see Sujo and Enowapi on a map pack.

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plain rice3725d ago

We need another patch. Score system is really f**ked now.

meepmoopmeep3725d ago

so i'll let out my true feelings:

Wii for the MFW!!!
PS3 and Xbox is the suxxorz!

Socom would have been better on the Wii


TheColbertinator3725d ago


Ok If you say so.Nintendo rules.Whoooop!

chasegamez3725d ago

please leave the drugs alone

GiantEnemyLobster3725d ago

I'll be playing Gears of War 2 instead. :)

gambare3725d ago

"1.3 - Zzz snore.. Suckom..
I'll be playing Gears of War 2 instead. :) "

Just that? wow... you console has no other games, just gears 2?

Porno Decepticon3725d ago

Lol that's the only real game coming out for the Xbox 360 sadly.

The Tour Man3725d ago

You mean Gears of War 1.3?

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KobeT243725d ago

Yeah the Beta at this point is trash. I cant play it and have a good time without incredible lag or long loading times. not too mention accessing something as simple as leader boards can cause your ps3 to work overtime. I hope they clean up the game because it really does have alot of potential. its fun when it can be, but frustrating at the Beta stage. And dont release anymore patches. They take hours to download and the Beta is almost over anyway.

Panthers3725d ago

They fixed the load times. Lag is still problematic, but this last patch rocked. Fixed the accuracy of guns so it is more like Socom 2

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The story is too old to be commented.