What Happened To Sonic Fandom?

Sonic fandom has evolved into one of the strangest on the internet. Everyone has their kinks I guess!

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LordJamar1289d ago

nothing at all. stop focusing on the bad part of the fan base for views and clicks, every fan base has bad parts more so dc and marvel

andrewsquall1288d ago

For me it died when I abandoned Sega before the Saturn launched. I haven't missed much of Sonic since doing that.

People like to think Generations was great (17 years later of failed games I might add yet that somehow makes up for everything) but they forget that half that game was modern Sonic.

Actually looking forward to Mania but that new 3D one (don't even know the name) looks like more pure 3rd person perspective garbage.

Vanilla sure is a milf though. XD