PLAY Mag Review: Brothers in Arms:Hell's Highway

PLAY Mag reports:

Hell's Highway has been a long time coming. First making the rounds back in 2005, a host of delays has meant the third Brothers In Arms game lost considerable momentum and vanished off many people's radars. Thankfully, it's finally made it to the PS3 – unfortunately it hasn't yielded the results many will have hoped.

The biggest problem with Gearbox's WWII shooter is it doesn't know what it wants to be. Like previous entries in the series, there's a heavy emphasis on the relationship between the different squadrons and how serious the Second World War was. After all, a battle that took millions of lives should be treated with a sense of respect and reverence. The trouble is it never really succeeds. The numerous cut-scenes are poorly voiced and scripted and feel more like a parody rather than a harsh insight. Conversations have no flow and some of the topics brought up would be better suited in a children's playground than on the frontline. Furthermore, Hell's Highway is littered with them and at times you'll curse the day such a format was ever invented as yet another gameplay section is stripped away from your fingers. If they added significantly to BIA we have no doubt the atmosphere and connection you had with the game would be increased. As the majority fall short, they do nothing more than take you out of the experience.''

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