Tomb Raider: Hottest Lara Croft Cosplays

Here are 15 of the best Lara Croft cosplays ever chronicled on digital cameras.

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andrewsquall1698d ago

I remember a model called Rhona Mitra back in the 90s that was the official Lara Croft for UK PlayStation magazines and marketing. She is 40 now and still looks great :)
Here is a pic that wwas all over the magazines at the time https://s-media-cache-ak0.p...

Actually Nell McAndrews replaced her then.

rainslacker1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I always liked her as Lara.

But I always thought Angelina Jolie pulled it off pretty well, and had both the look and the personality of Lara. For all the crap that was the TR movies, that was at least one thing they got right. First one more so than the 2nd. Of course, she had the advantage of actually looking like Lara in many respects, as well as having the same body.

Anyhow, on this article, I don't think these are the best I've seen. half seem to be based on the new Lara, who is rather generic IMO, and don't take much to cosplay. Most of them seem to be trying to be sexy rather than trying to capture the personality of the character. This is an issue I have with many popular cosplayers that get the most attention, where they just look sexy as opposed to trying to capture the personality. The best cosplayers IMO are the ones that actually try to behave like the character and pose or carry themselves as the character would. This is why conventions are great, because you actually see this, even if they don't always look exactly like the character. This is one place where I feel that many japanese cosplayers who get attention have over their western counterparts, because they actually try to be like the character. not always, but more often.

15, 14, 6, 5, and 4 seem to capture the personality of their respective versions of the character without trying to just be sexy, although in a couple cases don't actually look much like the character beyond the clothing. The rest just seem to be playing dress up with no real love of the character represented in their actual performance as the photos show them.

1698d ago
chobit_A5HL3Y1698d ago

ok, seriously, 1-3 are actually the worst on the list. 2 and 3 just have big boobs, but look nothing like her, and 1, i guess, just wins because she's athletic? the asian one looks more like lara than the top 3 lol

vikingland11697d ago

Pretty much, but I thought #10 was the best .