It’s 2017 and We’re Still Seeing Graphical Downgrades

Ever since the beginning of this gen we've seen multiple controversies ranging from broken server launches like Master Chief Collection to No Man's Sky laughable lack of content. And at the tip of that growing shit pie is 'graphical downgrades'.

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Bigpappy2202d ago

What exactly is wrong with Graphics downgrade, it is necessary to get to a playable performance? I have been gaming for years and the first time a heard this become a thing was with Watchdog.

I do understand misrepresenting your game on purpose, but in most instances, that is not the case.

lockedongamer12201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Development is a tricky thing. If a trailer is released 3 months before the game comes out and it looks amazing, and then it looks horrible when it releases, I can understand the aggravation. However, I think it's fair to see a downgrade if the engine or the consoles can't handle it if the trailer before was a year out. We as a gaming community have to think more practically.