Mirror's Edge Trophy List Revealed

PSBeyond writes: Aerashy from the GameTrailers forums has released a video featuring all of the trophies featured in the eagerly awaited Mirror's Edge. The video was filmed in Amsterdam at the FirstLook 2008 event.

The trophies are as follows...

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name3697d ago

Thanks for the heads up.

SullyDrake3697d ago

Like Uncharted, it appears to be a tough but not impossible challenge.

LarVanian3697d ago

Mirrors Edge is without a doubt the best looking multi-platform game ever!
Anybody disagree?

PirateThom3697d ago

I like the art direction, although it's running on UE3, it looks amazing.

DavidMacDougall3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Not done yet as in there are more games to come

iamtehpwn3697d ago

Only exceed by Gears of War.

but I'll be getting the PS3 version.
dualshock is a requirement action games like this.

SullyDrake3697d ago

Mirror's Edge is beautiful, but Dead Space takes the cake.

Sevir043697d ago

it's art direction is nice very glossy but it's not the best looking multiplatform... plus this is an UE3 game Dead space is on a bran new EA tech engine which looked so good that Mark rein thought it was UE3 and they had to come out and tell him it was a proprietary engine EA's redwood studios made.. Dead space looks hot. but when it comes down to this and dead space, i'll be picking dead space.. no first person action game will take priority over resistance 2 this holiday season.. and early next year it'll be KZ2... so sorry but Mirror's Edge will have to take the back seat into lat next year after my deployment

mfwahwah3697d ago


Ever see Rage and/or Final Fantasy 13?

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pornflakes3697d ago

well this tropy system dont works so who cares?

TrooGamer3697d ago

2 bubbles so please reply so you can just shut up

heyheyhey3697d ago

huh? i think you'll find it does work, im earning trophies in WipEout right now

GiantEnemyLobster3697d ago

Very unique idea Sony! I'm sure you thought of this idea all by yourselves, because its like absolutely NOTHING like Xbox 360's Achievements ;) (which still reign supreme over 'trophies' I might add)

soul899er3697d ago

question: was PS3 lead platform for this cause all the DLC and especially the advertisments i see is only for PS3

that is so cool! cant wait >_<
also: is the DLC Exclusive to PS3 forever? or timed?

PirateThom3697d ago

PS3 is lead platform, and the DLC is exclusive for now anyway.

soul899er3697d ago

ok thanks!

doesnt this game remind you guys of the first Matrix? where they are always running from the Agents? thats what it feels like to me xD

Sevir043697d ago

sony has signed exclusive DL content for both dead space and mirror's edge in addition to them both being lead on PS3, The games are also exclusively being advertised for the PS3, an agreement both Sony and EA have said last month they made at E3. so the Comercials you'll see will only have the Games advertised for PS3... so it'll be marketed as an exclusive and fool people into thinking it was only for PS3, this kind of marketing equate into more sales and consumers for PS3 if it is marketed well enough

ohhthegore3697d ago

Do you have a link about the PS3 getting exclusive DLC for Dead Space?

SullyDrake3697d ago

Not surprising since the Dead Space animated movie will be on Blu-Ray.

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belal3697d ago

go play you flopbox bot ;)

trophies on uncharted is really good.

hope mirrors edge tropihies are like uncharted, but this game is fifferent. hope you have to do some tricks and stuff like that to get trophies :D

No FanS Land3697d ago

The more I see this game, the more I wanna play it. Looks real sharp, and mixes new gameplsy element I don't remember having seen before. some kind of adventure/action in a first person perspective. They made a dangerous bet but I think it will deliver.

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