Fable 1 / 2 Comparison

A comparison video showing both fable 1 on the xbox and fable 2 on the 360.

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TrevorPhillips3699d ago

fable 2 is awesome im getting this for sure

REbirth3699d ago

did u play it?

ive played the 1st and it only had hype cuz the game sucked hard

FantasyStar3699d ago

I enjoyed Fable very much and got The Lost Chapters just to tie things up. Looking forward to Fable 2.

dantesparda3699d ago

Graphics look weak! game looks stupid! Sorry, not impressed.

TheDude2dot03698d ago

I loved the first one. I don't know about you...

BattleAxe3698d ago

The first Fable looks better then Fable 2.

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masterofpwnage3699d ago

cant really tell the difference, expected from the 360.hahaha
just kidding

i cant downplay my 360 goty, not goty, but my 360 goty. i still think its hella dope how u can be a little kid then grow up, very, very, very dope.

um wen is this game coming out.

ps graphix isnt really all that good from wat people keep hyping up people say "fable 2 beats whiteknight in graphix",

but its still good in my opinion

also am i the only one that doesnt like the camera view wen ur are fighting. first one has a better one

*_*3699d ago

((fable 1 looks better))

thebigtarget13699d ago

look at all the jealous PS3 owners who wish they had this

silverchode3698d ago

pc owners will get this next year.

Spread Butt Cheeks3698d ago

"pc owners get it next year"

awesome, MS appreciates your $ for windows and the game. morons

angry_xbot3699d ago

Barely any difference between Flopple 1 an flopple 2.

We should call it Flopple 1.5 from now on.

Shadow Man3699d ago

Don't you have any D!cks to play on LBP? Or games...oh wait there is none.

*_*3699d ago

((fable II wont have online so i will tell my friend not to buy it))

TheXgamerLive3699d ago

but isn't your name "sh1t for brains"?

Hmm, thought so. Your comments make sence now.

silverchode3698d ago

Boooooooooooooooooooooo, better luck next time.

TheXgamerLive3698d ago

oh well, your still a loser for posting it to begin with.