Top 5 Underrated NintendoDS Games

...if we simply picked the top five titles on each format, there'd really be little point in reading this. No doubt, the gaming public is well aware of the likes Halo 3 and NEW Super Mario Bros., and so, instead, we'll be taking a look at the five best titles for each format that you may have missed at their original launch. Perhaps they were overshadowed by a bigger title, perhaps you couldn't find them in stock, or maybe you simply weren't aware of them. Whatever the reason, if we inspire you to play just one of these games, our mission was a success.

And so, where to begin? After much internal debate...

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Wildarmsjecht4643d ago

Not bad of a list really. I heard Contact was amazing.
Off Topic-

Anyone else slightly disappointed in FFTA2:GoR? It's not as good as part 1 so far, and no where NEAR as good as Tactics itself.