Artificial Intelligence and Xbox 360

Let's leave the format war between Sony and Microsoft and explore a gaming phenomena that unquestionably improves current gaming trends - Artificial Intelligence, or AI to many. Touted to make new breakthroughs and trends in the world of gaming, AI is the enabling of intricate decision-making capabilities in a software. Speaking of AI, the Xbox 360 boasts of an AI-capable system designed and developed by many brilliant and innovative engineers.

The key to achieving that is to make sure that the AI programs of the new Xbox run smoothly on all three cores. Therefore, the developers need to take extensive sections from their codes and test it on all three cores. As a result of all these great efforts, the CPU's main processor does not take all the burden of handling multiple tasks; instead, the added cores take over the job. The results are more efficient gaming, sharper graphics, quality audio, and thinking characters which give Xbox 360 games advantage over others.

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RoidRage3671d ago

I think maybe the Viva Pinata series is a good example of the 360's A.I. capabilities. There are more unique a.i. creatures running at once in those games than I have seen in other games.