PSX Extreme: Pure Review

PSX Extreme writes: "When I first laid my eyes on Pure, I was a bit skeptical. I thought the idea of newly formed Disney Interactive making a hit was rather slim. Then we come to find out that the developer behind Pure would be the very same developer behind MotoGP (Xbox version) and ATV Offroad Fury 3...albeit with a new name, Black Rock Studio. To my further surprise, when I first played Pure at E3, I was completely blown away. In fact, most people were, as Pure was largely recognized as one of the biggest surprises of the show. A sleeper no longer, Pure began to amass anticipation from gamers and the press alike, and now that we've got the full monty in our hands...the end result is nothing short of pure awesome."

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Jacobite3699d ago

Pure awesome lol I did'nt get that from the Demo lol I'll download it again "nah" I'll stick with the Motorstorm 2 demo for now : )