2012's CoD: Black Ops II Outsold CoD: Infinite Warfare Last Month

April 2017's NPD report revealed that 2012's Call of Duty: Black Ops II secured a number ten spot on its monthly list of games with the most revenue.

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Bigpappy1426d ago

I am not surprised. This was the most requested BC game.

Obscure_Observer1426d ago

Yes! Backwards compatibility is gold! ;)

Relientk771424d ago

Good. Black Ops 2 is fantastic and Infinite Warfare's multiplayer sucks.

Skankinruby1424d ago

Oh god, troll bait. Infinite warfare bashing is so redundant and old now.

dilbig51424d ago

Weird seeing as Backwards comparability is "free." You'd think the most requested game for it would of been owned by a huge amount of people before then.

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