Black Ops 2 Further Proves Xbox Backwards Compatibility's Worth

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "If there was any doubt that the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program wasn't amazing for everyone involved, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 further proves its worth by directly competing with current releases."

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gangsta_red610d ago

It is definitely a great feature.

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Nu610d ago

I have to play Dragons Dogma DA on 360 until it becomes available on Xbone.

Sciurus_vulgaris610d ago

Interesting Black Ops 2 managed to be a top 10 selling game in April, despite be over 4 years old ( ). Publishers should allow all their 360 games to be playable on XB1


Specially now when theres absolutely no new exclusives on xbox to compete with!

Sciurus_vulgaris609d ago

Yes exclusives mean everything. Despite the fact that most of the best selling games on XB1 and PS4 are multiplats. I also bet you consider games like No Man's Sky, Street Fighter V, and Nier Automata exclusive games, despite them being available on PC.

FallenAngel1984610d ago

When does backwards compatibility ever need its worth needing to be proven

Thatguy-310610d ago

Not every game is black ops 2 tho. BC is only worth it for a few titles. Having the ability to play them is cool but the small list of titles that make it worth it don't really make it a necessary feature.

Bigpappy610d ago

When you say things like that, you have to take a step back and realize that, if you found a few worth while, then there are millions of people who have different taste than yours and each have a few they like and would never touch the ones you choose.

The thing about BC, is that it lets you play games you already own or might have missed on your new system. It is not to get you to like old games over new games or any of that craziness detractors from the other system like to present as something smart.

SquillieDeeWilliams610d ago

You said it man. I was one of the folks that bought I would never use BC, but now that Zo have it I use it ALL the time. I didn't realize how many good 360 games I missed, and they are so cheap now!! I just got Rage for $5, Ghostbusters for $3, Alice the madness returns for $3, and I could go on and on. There are tons of good 360 games that are worth playing. A lot of the games I'm enjoying the most are smaller titles too, like lumines, puzzle quest, carcasonne etc. there is literally no downside to having BC as an option IMO.

Phill-Spencer610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

Must be the draught of genuine x1 games then. Atleast there is the feeling of somekind of exclusive thing when the other 2 don't offer bc. Nah just joking! Or not?

Razzer610d ago

Competing with what? On Xbox? Not much.

SquillieDeeWilliams610d ago

There are over 1000 games on XB1🤔

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Brave_Losers_Unite610d ago (Edited 610d ago )

That is not true because many of them have not released and dont even have a release date. In addition some of those are even going to be cancelled

Brave_Losers_Unite610d ago


Disagree all you want but this is the truth

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