Prey's Sluggish Sales Are Partly Down To Bethesda's Failures

Sean Halliday of writes:

''Prey is currently impressing critics and consumers alike, but the sales aren’t reflecting its quality. Naturally, people have begun to discuss why a game of such quality is failing to hit high sales numbers. The release of the weekly UK sales charts showed Prey failing to knock Mario Kart8: Deluxe from the top spot.''

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Erik7357520d ago

Knowing Bethesda, they are in it for the long run.

PixelGateUk520d ago

I'd agree if the game was multiplayer focused or had an established road of DLC, but it doesn't seem to be the case. It feels like they had a product they wanted to ship, but did not want to invest marketing resources and effort into it. That's fine and all, but it seems like a disservice to the game itself. But hey, they've got a lot going on across there, i'm sure they won't mind a few trips. Console versions are already lowering in price, sales + word of mouth could see it recover somewhat

Erik7357520d ago

I mean as expect sequals

naruga520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

the game lacks good art design and has far too generic FPS gameplay with its ultra uninspired enemies -wtf are they ? are they bored to use some concept art and made shapeless smoke maze crabs ? how prottoype enemies/s....put your asses down and hire some talented artists, not people who just know to use photshop and 3d max

Malacath520d ago

This article is a load of click-bait crap. Games are normally released on a friday in the UK which means they only have a day or two to chart.

Charts are usually compiled on the sunday. If you check the current charts now which are dated week ending 13th may you will see that Prey is number one and Mario is number 3.

Axonometri520d ago

The game is great. Very much enjoying it. I would recommend it to anyone...

freshslicepizza520d ago

I would too but perthaps, not to insult anyone, it's console gamers who aren't really that impressed since it's not third person and doesnt hold your hand for everything. Some have already said it looks boring.

joab777520d ago

Believe it or not, we don't want our hand held. The problem is that there are too many other options. While it may be a good game, there are much better games to get caught up on first. May have been a better June/July game.

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SolidGear3519d ago

It's the only 2017 game I've purchased so far this year and I love it. Also, I only own a PS4.

Tacobell323520d ago

I'll probably pick this game up when it drops in price.

UCForce520d ago

They should have stick the old marketing policy. Dishonored 2 is a great game but had an awfully marketing and commercial failure because it's like you kinda scare the big site review, only for consumers feedback which is good thing but you need to do this both. Look, I get it that big website like IGN, GameSpot and others are kinda annoying and garbage but you need them to boost your sales. Otherwise, your marketing and commercial will fail miserably.

PixelGateUk520d ago

It's not just the big sites, it's all the other sites too. The only resources a consumer has is youtube videos (often from control events held by Bethesda) or official footage showing the 'best' of what the game has to offer. An advert pretty much. Dishonoured 2 had a fair few TV spots in the UK, but they were all live action and made it look like a film more than a game.

joab777520d ago

Dishonored suffered a similar fate for similar reasons. The competition is absurd!

-Foxtrot520d ago

Their own fault

Prey 2 please with Tommy


PixelGateUk520d ago

I would have taken the original Prey 2. I was at Euroegamer 2011 when they showed live gameplay and talk about it. It was everything i wanted, but alas it faded away

-Foxtrot520d ago

Only issue with it is it also looked like a new IP

Generic space marine bounty hunter aswell with Tommy as s NPC

psuedo520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

Agreed with foxtrot. Although I liked what they showed just fine, but when you end the game with a cliff hanger you want to play as that character again. Tommy should of been the bounty hunter. If not the story should have been heavy on the first one. I think they werent going to go heavy on the story from the first anyways so maybe ot wasnt much lost.

Could of been another Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter. Wheres that other game that was about a cybernetic type chick? I just remembered that one. That was shown when the ps4 was newer.

UnHoly_One519d ago


"Should have"

not "should of"

I'm sorry but that drives me nuts.

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DevilOgreFish520d ago

I thought the original prey was pretty interesting. I would have liked a continuation to the story. The new prey though doesn't look too bad.

JasonKCK519d ago

Agree this is not what I think of when I think of a Prey sequel.

Garethvk520d ago (Edited 520d ago )

I think Bethesda is doing fine. Fallout 4, Dishonored 2 did well and won awards, let us also not forget that DOOM was a hit. They have a strong lineup of games coming so I think PREY will find a place. Just wait until It is $39.99 and there is new DLC. Many companies have a review policy like them. Most cherry pick larger outlets to give review units to first and the rest get them day of launch. I have zero issues with them as honestly they have been one of the better companies to work with in terms of response time and support.