Gears of War sold out in Japan

Gears of War, released last week in Japan in a shocking turn of events has sold out across the country! Despite a high score from the highly acclaimed Famitsu most analyst were certain that Gears of War, which is a western title would not do very well in the anti FPS country of Japan. The demo has drawn crowds throughout stores across Japan and Microsoft now has to scramble to restock store shelves. Will Gears of War help Microsoft win the war in Japan? Highly doubtful but it is a step in the right direction for Microsoft and the Xbox in Japan.

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DixieNormS5230d ago

I'm telling you people. The 360 is here to stay. Dreamcast my @$$.

marionz5230d ago

ps3 what? lol atleast the dreamcast is still looked on as a great console with great games (for its time) the ps3 will be dead a burried in a years time and nobody will care

BIadestarX5230d ago

Well, well, well. I wonder if this game wil sell consoles. That would be ironic wouldn't?

Juevani5230d ago

how many copys they realesed? 100, hahaha.. its another desperat try to make the 360 look good enough so people can buy it. hahaha

Boink5230d ago

overstock stores so it looks like nobody's buying them and retailers have to start dropping the price in japan just to try and sell them?


on a side note, do you work for sony public relations? your comments seem just about as intelligent.

wolfgang5230d ago

Just because you lack the abily to count higher than a hundred doesn't mean that numbers which have pass that point don't have any existence. I, for instance, am pretty sure one thousand can be real and sometime even use it. Like when someone ask me :

how many times have you read Juevani's posts and taught "God, that kiddo doesn't know anything about video games, I wish he spend more time playing games, less time doing PR for a big corporation" ?

But if I'm wrong, and you actually do know what come after 100, feel free to personaly reply right away.

richie007bond5229d ago

Of all the sony fanboys on this site you must be the biggest PRAT to grace theses forums,most if not all your comments are complete BS, grow up you sad deluded little boy

SPAWN5229d ago

You`re an illiterate idiot who should be banned from this site! All you come here for is to create drama! Be gone you lame!

JasonPC360PS3Wii5229d ago

Do you get Jealous much Juevani? Wish you could respond with that one bubble and all. Poor baby here is a tissue, would you like a rattle to play with here is your PS3 rattle, no wait that’s broken I forgot. Here you just need to play with the other two; the ones that work until the PS4 rattle comes out.

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MicroGamer5230d ago

how many copies did they have available for launch day?? If they had more than about 600,000 it means they sold some hardware to go with those games.

wolfgang5230d ago

Yes, they probably sold some hardware, but I don't think they sold that much over there. Everyone know Japan = Wii

Keep dreaming :)

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