Destiny 2: Here Are the PC Settings in the Current Build: Graphics, Controls, Accessibility and More

Destiny 2 has some rather deep customization options on its current PC build.

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But Is More Time in Games Really More Fun?

Everyone always says that longer is better when it comes to games, but is that really true? Does the addition of time always add more value?

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shinoff21831d 4h ago

I'll be honest the shorter games typically don't get day one purchases from me. Some I will but it's gotta be next level. So you want my 60 70 dollars don't throw to many 6 to 8 hour games at me.

LordoftheCritics21h ago

''But Is More Time in Games Really More Fun?

Yes it is....for the investors.

anast21h ago


Definitely true for live service games.

anast21h ago

Game writers want shorter games to make their jobs easier.

The rest of us have different tastes in games. My 5 favorite games of all time are Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, RDR2, CP2077, Last of Us II, and BG3. These are all mostly long games and the fun to be had is through the roof.

BrainSyphoned20h ago

Back in Cyberpunk again after a run through Elden Ring and Skyrim before that.
With Stardew Valley 1.6 coming out soon I'll be hitting 1k hours in it as well. I like some short pallet cleansers like Returnal or Pacific Drive but they are just quick hits between replays of immersive titles or for long work weeks.

Demetrius6h ago

Just got stardew on switch and eastward octopia dlc both are mf vibes

lellkay20h ago

Quality wins. If it's short and quality good. if it's long and quality good.

DeusFever16h ago

“Everyone always says that longer is better when it comes to games”

100% not true. The majority of people don’t finish games, and “short” games continue to sell. I think the gaming audience has long moved past the dollar per hour fallacy.

shinoff218310h ago

I really don't think alot of us have. I'm willing to spend 30 dollars or so for a shorter game. The more I get out of it the more I'm willing to pay. Aside from a few. Uncharted day 1, last of us day 1, etc. Jrpgs day 1, their usually longer. I'd buy gta day 1. The more I get out of a game the more I justify the price. I'm not trying to shit on shorter games at all because I like those to. It's just how I prefer to spend my money.

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Destiny 2 Player Claims To Have Received A Ban For Using A Mod In Another Game

A Destiny 2 player has claimed that they were issued a ban for using a mod in another game that was running in the background.

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infinite-loop5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

if player is willing to cheat in another game, whats to say they wont cheat in their game... theyre just getting rid of them before they potentially start...

Sephiroushin4d ago

modding and cheating are different things, you could get banned by just using a skin or assets to make a different game looks better and Destiny is plagued by actual cheaters which are not banned yet someone using a mod to increase visuals on a different game get banned because the anti cheat doesnt know what application was open in the background ...

GamerRN5d ago

I'm ok with him getting banned for that.... Maybe don't run cheats?!

mastershredder5d ago

Mmmmm News. This made News. THIS ABSOLUTE Cringe BS actially made an article. WTF.

Angyobangyo5d ago

It made the gaming news because it's not some random player. Maybe read the article and not just the headline, but we all know that isn't going to happen.

gigoran84d ago

Are we meant to know who thetvCruz is? That's an honest question. I have never heard of that player.

Inverno5d ago

For those that don't wanna read, it's a mod for a single player gane that doesn't work for Destiny.


Destiny 2’s new game director worked on every single Bungie Halo game

Destiny 2’s game director Joe Blackburn is stepping down ahead of The Final Shape, leaving Tyson Green to take the reins of the PS5 and Xbox FPS.

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DefenderOfDoom227d ago

As someone who bought every story DLC for DESTINY 2 but not every season. the first thing I would do as game director is , if anybody pre-orders The ?Final Shape , they will be able to play all older DLC and seasons with purchase of FINAL SHAPE. . I think that would bring back a lot of DESTINY 2 plsyers who have not experienced the seasons a chance to play season activities before Final Shape comes out.

DickyD122627d ago

I agree but I was just able to get all dlcs for 50 on steam. (Have it on PlayStation but don't always have access to the TV)