Fumito Ueda: For me, it's not important to tell the details of the story

The Last Guardian developer shares his design process with Massive MD David Polfeldt and attendees at Nordic Game Conference.

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Nyxus518d ago

"While he was able to work on Ico for a time, he was compelled to find employment again as his savings started to run out. Fortunately, Sony Computer Entertainment was hiring for a CG artist.

"I applied for that, but I had one condition: that I couldn't work full time, because I needed time for myself," he said. "Sony asked what I was doing in my own time, so I started to talk about Ico. They understood the idea and then suggested I work on that Sony.""

That's exactly what I like about Sony.

SilverDemon517d ago

Funny how thats reminds me of Lost soul aside and how a single man was working on it and just when he was going to cancel it sony stepped in and now he can make his dream come true

ninsigma517d ago

Sony are publishing that now?? Awesome!

Fullmetalevolust517d ago

I do enjoy the fact that the story telling is open ended and allows the player to make his/her own interpretation of it. There has always been great story telling in his games and a great vision on how to achieve it and I am glad that we have been able to play three amazing games by this man. Whatever he chooses to do in the future, I'll be patiently watching.

UltraNova517d ago

Amen to that. Fortunatly for him he works for Sony.

DeathtoOtakuDJ516d ago (Edited 516d ago )

I absolutely adore that moment at E3 2015, when he got a standing ovation from (most of) the crowd. Chills, man.

Kurdishcurse517d ago

Agreed. Although i doubt he will take anywhere near as long as the last gardian. This game went through a fluster cuck of bad timings, art changes, hardware limitations and the biggest reason for its constant delays, waiting for the next gen console to develop on. It took a while for him to realize his vision is impossible to apply on the PS3. I remember him saying 4 years or somethin.

TheOttomatic91517d ago

If this was anyone else I would call them a mad man but I won't deny that playing TLG made me glad I formed my own story from what happened.

Kurdishcurse517d ago

I love this guy. He understands that shoving the story down your throat doesnt make it any better. Oscar bait movie games from naughty dog and tell tale should learn from this guy. Sacrificing most of gameplay for the story is understandable for certain segments of games, to a degree. But at the end of the day, theres a reason why uncharted and TLOU have laughably low enemy variety, theyre so busy caring for the story, cinematics and banter that they completely forgot about the meat of the gameplay. Maan...i will never forget how shadow of the colossus made me feel...both my hands and my mind.