2 free games when you buy a Pioneer surround sound system for the Xbox 360

To celebrate the launch of Need for Speed: Carbon, Pioneer has teamed up with EA Games to give you the complete HD gaming experience.

Purchase the HTP-GS1 surround sound system for your Xbox 360 between 13 November 2006 and 31 January 2007 and, as well as hearing your games as the designers intended, Pioneer will give you 2 free Xbox 360 games – Burnout Revenge and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

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BlackCountryBob5221d ago

I remember looking at that deal thinking it was a good deal but it turns out you can only claim the games if you buy the system before next week and then only from "participating retailers".

shikwan5221d ago

a good system for anyone who hasn't experianced gaming in 5.1 yet. Plus it's designed to match your 360. I have their 7.1 THX certified model w/tower Infinity Primus speakers....AMAZING!

JPomper5220d ago

Heh, the 2 oldest 360 games. They're just trying to clear out old stock. Classy, EA. Real classy.

mellowspaz5220d ago

I have this system, it's pretty damn good especially for the price. You just have to tinker with the settings to get it to sound real nice. Don't use their Automated Calibration since they determine the distance and channel levels for you. And the remote included lets you control your tv, xbox, and stereo. You can sit on your ass all day.