Top 10 Do Not Disturb Moments While Gaming

Gaming as a hobby has grown and evolved over the years, but one constant is that real world distractions while gaming are annoying at best, and limit immersion at worst. As gamers, we like to go all in, and get fully immersed in the world, characters or even just the online match we happen to be caught up in. Anything that distracts us from the experience only serves to anchor us to this world and make full immersion more difficult. I mean, let’s face it: any and all distractions while gaming are unwelcome, but here are the top 10 moments when it is particularly imperative that we are not disturbed.

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RyanDJ1496d ago

I don't sense a parental vibe in this article. Lol.

The only one that ever got me was a cutscene in MGS3 that would skip if I pressed start, and it wouldn't pause. It's a balance between game fun and priority. "The house is on fire" vs. "dad where's this one particular hot wheel car." "My day was so boring" vs. "honey I'm pregnant." :)

I've had to let go of a lot of these as time goes on. But I always get back around to what I was doing.