Owlchemy Labs Release First Patch for Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

No new features just lots of little improvements.

SmielmaN2584d ago

Look, I'm too lazy to look this up. Is it coming to PSVR as well? Don't kill me n4g community!

cheetorb2583d ago

I would squantch the hell out of this game if it was on psvr!!


HTC's VR Platform Viveport Is Giving Devs 90% of Their Game Revenue

Viveport, the VR retail platform from HTC is now giving developers 90% of their game revenue, instead of a 70/30 spilt like Steam.

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Jingsing86d ago

It could be free and it wouldn't matter at this point. There isn't really a PCVR Market and I say that as a PCVR user. It is modders and enthusiasts with a few retail products on Steam.


The VR Escapades of Rick and Morty Could be at an end

Warner Bros. Discovery is closing down Adult Swim Games, delisting its published games. Thus putting Rick and Morty VR in jeopardy.

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Knightofelemia92d ago

Hence why physical will always be better then digital.


Vive Wants You to Host a Halloween Party in the Metaverse

Are you planning a Halloween Party this year? How about those friends and family that live far away? Vive has a plan for you.

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GamerLov3230d ago

At least for now I prefer the real life parties lol

FinalFantasyFanatic229d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone is going to the VR chat Halloween Party already.