What Does Microsoft Have To Do To Get You On Board This E3


There is still not much we know about Microsoft's E3 conference. Microsoft will have a chance to change the narrative that has been haunting them for years. While at the same time sell us on their new hardware, the Scorpio. With the announcement that Halo and Gears won't be in the Xbox E3. This leaves the door open for fresh ideas and fresh IP at their conference. What does Microsoft have to do to sell you on the Xbox Brand?

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Bigpappy1528d ago

All they can do is what they are doing. Some will love it. Some will hate. Certainly cant please everyone.

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threefootwang1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Show us Scorpio, show us it's design, show us a competitive price. Most of all, show us new games and/or IPs!

Revive some of there older exclusives, Mech Assault, I'm looking at yah!

Just upgraded to 4K this passing weekend, banking on Scorpio to being my go to 4K console of choice.

Make it happen MS!

Bigpappy1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Now I have zero complaints with what you ask for. All sounds reasonable to me.

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RosweeSon1528d ago

It may well be just not anytime in 2017... console will launch great but games will be Xbox1/S games or just 360 games. Proper games will take a good 1-2 years to start coming through sure dev's have had details for last year or so but the true top end games like your God of wars at end of ps2's lifespan... these games take a while all launch games on any new console look alright, but give them a year or 3 and the games start looking sweet.

fatbastard111528d ago

Why would anyone consider a Scorpio over the PS4 when PS4 has WAAAAAAAY more existing quality exclusives as well as numerous great titles on the way consistently for the next couple years?..Just for 10% better graphics on multiplat titles??

Eonjay1528d ago

More games, less services.

UnHoly_One1528d ago

fatbastard11, for me it's because of the controller above all else.

The Xbox elite controller is the best controller ever made, and the Dualshock 4 is probably the worst.

That's just my opinion, but that is a big deal to me.

Also, I've been invested in the Xbox ecosystem since day one, been a Live gold member since day one, and all my friends play on Xbox. I have a PS4 to play things I can't play on Xbox, but that is all it ever gets used for.

UnHoly_One1528d ago

I think a nice surprise would be adding backwards compatibility for original Xbox titles.

indysurfn1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Is that all it takes for them to get you? Seriously after trying to be the first company that takes away your ownership rights to software you bought?

Me on the other hand, at the very least they are going to need to go buy a good set of knee pads before they can
get me to have a good feeling about them again.

LastCenturyRob1527d ago

Why are you bringing login to N4G?

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Aceman181528d ago

If they want me to ever purchase one of their consoles again, how bout they show some damn exclusives that aren't halo, forza, and gears. While they're at it how about taking some f**king risks also with their IPs.

Like coming up with their own


Hell I'd even give them some respect if they came up with their own type Heavy Rain/Beyond style game. At least I'd know they are trying. If i don't see any of this at their presser lord knows the next time I'll ever buy one of their consoles.

1528d ago
Aceman181528d ago


I played and beat quantum break, and it was a total disappointment for me. I also played sunset overdrive and even though i love IG sadly this game couldn't keep me interested enough to continue playing.

I sold my X1 to a friend a few months after beating quantum break so this little lineup of games you rattled off isn't enough for me.

Also i loved my OG xbox, and the 360 was great the first few years until they went the kinect route. Don't sound so bothered that i want more from M$ when they are asking me to purchase their console.

343_Guilty_Spark1528d ago

They show other games apparently you just ignore them and peddle the same lies. Are they showing as many games as Sony no...largely due to nonexistent Japanese support but are they showing games? Yes they have shown them

CoinOrc1528d ago


Ori and the blind forest is good but it's a two year old indie game. Sony has released many more indie games than MS. Sunset Overdrive is good but is a three year old game and they aren't making a sequel. QB, Recore, and Ryse are mediocre to just plain bad. I haven't turned on my Xbox One since I played QB last year. If they want people to get on board, then they will have to release a lot more quality exclusives.

Aceman181528d ago


Oh sparky please list these so called games you're talking about that they've shown which is supposed to make me spend another 300-400 on their system. Quality tripA exclusives that they've shown.

LastCenturyRob1527d ago

Crackdown, Cuphead and Sea of Thieves aren't Halo, Gears or Forza.

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RosweeSon1528d ago

Cruise control isn't enough that's why they are where they are they need to do better and up their game.
Sure they can just continue to charge people to use Xbox live but if it's all going on elsewhere people not gonna pay it forever.

Raiden1528d ago

In Japan the home developers will always support there home format over the outsider, no matter how hard that COMPANY tries, its there honour system, no hardware manufacture stands a chance, the things is half of the Japanese games never make it to the west, we in the west love the Japanese style of gaming but not all is suitable or attractive to westerns but these dev's are loyal.

hulk_bash19871528d ago

Show me some compelling games that will justify making an investment in their new console. That is all they have to do to gain my interest. It always has and always will be first and foremost about the games.

UltraAtomic1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Yea the fans like myself have been asking for new ips. soo I hope they impress with that.

Scorpio sounds amazing and if its 499 I think people will buy it, especially if they really show it off at e3.

rainslacker1528d ago

I'd say to get me excited they'd have to present more games that actually interest me. I know I"m only one person, but what MS has on show at the moment is truly weak in comparison to the other consoles. Even if you're into the games they have, I find it hard to believe people are content with it.

People would consider me a PS fan I'm sure, so the kinds of games that interest me are those that you'd find more of on PS. Not just the multi-plats, because those don't excite me in the same way, nor would they get me on board, but the exclusives that PS gets is what makes me continue to choose PS consoles every time. If MS can manage to start catering to a broader market, and actually delivering while struggling through the time where they build up the fan base that wants that varied content, then I'll be on board. Since I have an X1, I'll even support those games when they release. But things like CD3 don't interest me, and SoT interests me even less. I have no reason to support those, and I can't see those games lighting the fires under new customers to pick up a system.

New, fresh, and most of all exciting things are what gets people on board. Not overhyped mid-tier titles which people make into AAA level experiences.


So having basically no meaningful exclusives this year has you on board?

That was easy!

notachance1528d ago

just show compelling games, lots of it.

by god if they spend most of it talking about scorpio and that new mixed reality games bullshit, say goodbye to new customers.

XanderZane1528d ago

Been on board since day one with every XBox game console. Own all 3 of them. Have over 180 games on by XB1 right now. Pretty much the same thing with the Playstation. Own every PS and still have them all. Easily over 500+ games on both platforms (literally). Can't be more on board then that. Sure I would love to see more exclusives and new IP's on the XB1/Scorpio over the next 2 years. Microsoft needs to make this happen ASAP. I'm not going to dump my system though, because they don't have all of this right now.

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chrisx1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Surprise us with awesome looking games that Must all see the light of day. That's crucial. But with Phil spencers recents comments it might be dreams

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1528d ago

Did you forget that he said that single player experiences don't have longevity (for microtransactions) so it will be a hard sell to invest in those types of games. One of the few times he's actually been blunt and straight forward.

ninsigma1528d ago

I did actually forget about that tbh. Didn't read to much into those statements because I'm bored of articles being published everytime Spencer sneezes. But yeah not good statements because thats really what I dont want from my games. Stuff like Horizon is what I need and from its sales, a hell of a lot of people agree.

gangsta_red1527d ago


"...he said that single player experiences don't have longevity..."

Not exactly all what he said but even still how does that even remotely tie into what ChrisX said? Maybe you could explain more since he's now silent.

AngelicIceDiamond1528d ago

Yes please enlighten us on his recent comments. In other words I'll just wait till you make up on some BS out of thin air because that's what people like you do.

Here, this is what I heard recently from Spencer.

Spencer also talked about E3, which will provide what he calls the "next wave of big hits," promising that Microsoft will continue to invest in first party content in the future as part of this cycle.

But tell me what you heard LMAO

yomfweeee1528d ago

Probably that they are focused on services and he tried to put down games like Zelda and HZD... or did you forget about that?

Why o why1528d ago

Lol , c'mon angelic, I swear it was less than a month ago when he stated that. . It sure sounded like a downplay or maybe you think he was doing slight of hand tactics to lower expectations then BOOM. . . a slew of single player titles announced at e3 . . . Right. . . Lol

rainslacker1528d ago

Phil has promised several E3's where we'd see the next big wave....or best line up if you want....and didn't deliver.

For me, I believe in MS showing something before I'll accept that they actually mean what they say.

MS thinks CD3 and SoT will be the next big thing. But that doesn't mean that will be the case. So, I'd say that what Spencer considers the next big thing is much different than what I consider the next big thing.

CoinOrc1528d ago

He has been saying he will provide "big hits" for years now, and so far, he has failed to deliver. The last three years have all been the "best lineup in Xbox history" and it has been disappointing. I'll believe it when I see it.

gangsta_red1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

So is anyone going to actually answer our question(s)? In light of recent Phil comments how exactly does that not translate into not having great looking games that will see the light of day like ChrisX said?

Did Phil say he wouldn't be making games anymore? Was there any hints that the games we know nothing about wouldn't be any good because of Phil's statements?

You guys spend so much time attacking MS that you never actually stop to really see how ridiculous these comments are.

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4Sh0w1528d ago

Yeah they never quote him, and explain themselves, kids just repeat vague SDF talking points.

Patriot4Life1528d ago

What comment?

Oh you mean the one where people twisted his comment about single player games.

Trust me, Phil is going to bring the games at E3 and can't wait to come back here to see the madness after E3.

OB1Biker1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

No offence but I think Phil doesnt need help to twist his comments himself.
You maybe right though in that people tend to spin what he says (good or bad btw). Probably his fault though as he knows what he's doing with the internet overblown coverage of that one personality.

OB1Biker1528d ago

I'm mainly interested in multiplat games from Ms conference and for once I'll be able to watch it live so I hope there s good stuff on that front. New hardware reveal is interesting to see even though I have no intention of buying.
Ultimately E3 is a gaming celebration for all gamers and there's no winner but just good stuff to see and look forward to.

gangsta_red1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

So what recent comments did Phil say that would lead you to believe it's all just dreams?

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CyberSentinel1528d ago

Games. I would love Fable and Alan Wake sequels. At this point I'm only interested in the Gears 4 and Crackdown 3. Two games aren't enough for me to buy another system. I really like that elite controller and Scorpio has my interest, but I really need more games to make the plunge. Halo 6 is a hopeful successor, but I need to know more games are coming....

ninsigma1528d ago

No Halo 6 this E3 I'm afraid.

slate911528d ago

That's understandable. Thank you for a productive and meaningful comment.

Patriot4Life1528d ago

Lion Head didn't have the passion for Fable anymore and Remedy wanted to make a new IP over Alan Wake so you can't blame MS for that.

CyberSentinel1528d ago

I don't blame MS, I'm just saying there is only a few 1st party games that interest me. I'm not a forza fan, so maybe rare's new game will be interesting.

Why o why1527d ago

Ha. . The original cyber sentinel. . . .

N4g veteran. . .

Big up for the honesty. . Some people can't or won't accept the notion that a gamer may not like gears or uncharted therefore the more games available the better it is for a wider audience. You're not a Forza fan so that leaves slim pickings for Xbox guys as it stands now for exclusives but so what you state is perfectly logical. Luckily nobody can label you a Sony fanboy. .

The only thing I do disagree with is where a portion of the blame lies. . Ms just didn't build well off the back of the great momentum they gained last gen. My bad luck, management or complacency they've not kicked on . Maybe things can change for the better this gen after the half way point which was the total opposite to what happened last gen. It's not impossible

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ninsigma1528d ago

Just show new (and sequals) interesting games. It's all anyone has to do because that's what people want. It should hopefully be much easier for them to win people seeing as how they have more people with a device capable of running their games since they brought out the play anywhere scheme. I have no quarrels playing games from Windows store. Finally got round to Gears 4 last month and that was fine performance wise besides a few hitches when transitioning from gameplay to cutscene (gameplay wise very fun!) so just show me some interesting games and I'll buy.

as an extra though, wouldn't mind seeing any VR/mixed reality stuff they got cooking.

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rainslacker1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

This exactly. Last year, Sony finally figured this out to the point where that's all they showed. It was the best E3 show I've seen in a while, and the presentation just put it over the top. Sony even made COD interesting. I think it didn't have the megaton effect of the prior year, but the actual showing was spectacular.

I don't mind some hardware or feature talk where it's announced, or expanded on, but there are places where we can get that info that are more suited to get more facts than marketing than the E3 stage. The least amount of time should be spent on this kind of stuff as possible. Say what you have to say, then move on.

And mostly, stop trying to hype up one's features as somehow a game changer. Just announce, and move on. This goes for all companies where applicable.

Games are where it's at. It's where it was always at. It's where it will always be at. The more games, the more variety, and the more excitement, the more people get on board. People have been saying this forever, so maybe it's time all the console makers pay attention. E3 conferences are no longer press events. They're entertainment events where they are meant to directly market their wares to the consumer, and the consumer cares mostly about the games. All the hardware is irrelevant without games.

ninsigma1528d ago

100% agreed. I don't like when features and hardware take over most of the show. Xbox 2015 e3 was really guilty of that if I remember correctly. Last year was better but it just didn't have too much compelling content for me. Hopefully that'll change this year!

rainslacker1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I've found any show that spends excessive time on any one thing, particularly hardware or features gets dull and drags on. Kinect Milo demo, Wonderbook, Move, Halolens minecraft demo, share play at the PS4 reveal, etc. It's cool to see the feature, especially when we don't know about it, but a lot of those things are only cool for a bit, and while you can see the feature, most people are smart enough to be able to figure out what is being shown, how it will benefit them, and if it's something they're interested in in the 2-3 minutes. If it's longer, it can make 5 minutes seem like 10, and you're just sitting there wondering when they're going to get to something good....even if you're interested in the feature. There's a reason that trailers are typically only 2-3 minutes long, and it's because that's all it should take to convey what you're trying to sell, and get the message across. If it takes longer, then you're trying to hard.

There are some exceptions when it comes to hardware, but those exceptions lay in the realm of conveying multiple aspects of the same hardware. Like Apple isn't going to sit there and spend 10 minutes on Siri to get their point across. But you get MS spending 5 minutes talking about football on X1, and then another 5 talking to some guy about football on X1, or they keep yammering on about TV connectivity, or Snap, and it gets tedious. That was a hardware reveal of course, so it's a bit different than E3, but the principal is the same, and why the perception of their reveal was that they only talked about TV, TV, TV, even though they did have some games and talked about how it all worked together.

An exception is gameplay demonstrations, because it can take time to show off different aspects of the game, but the good demos are the one's that show different aspects in small sections spread out over that time. Like with Horizon, you got to see some of the world and graphics presentation, then some simple stealth mechanic to take down an enemy, then some big action with a big guy coming in where it shows more depth of the combat. That can take more time, but it's parceled out over that time. If the entire time was spent on just walking around, or continuously doing the stealth stuff, or 6 minutes of fighting one of the big guys, it would get boring if you're not playing. UC demos did this a couple times, because of the pacing of the game.

Yi-Long1528d ago


We know Scorpio's specs are great, but a console also needs to have games, and while 3rd party multi-plats will be there, and I'm sure they'll be outstanding, XBO really also needs a wider variety of interesting exclusives.

Personally, I would also like to see the DLC-greed removed from a series like Forza (+ Forza Horizon).

Bigpappy1528d ago

So. No Hot-wheels? They is nothing wrong with expanding games with DLC. FH3 was a game with plenty of content upon release. Way more than Drive club. Some DLC is a rip-off of gamers. FH3 is not a good example.

ApocalypseShadow1528d ago

I think what Yi is saying pappy is that Microsoft acts like the typical American for profit company. Less effort but hoping for maximized revenue. They make more money than Nintendo and Sony combined. But put in the least amount of effort than Sony and Nintendo and don't even fund the Xbox brand. Xbox fans should want more games than more services.

Just like EA. EA puts in the least amount of effort but looks for maximized revenue. Or they try to buy the best engine they can get like Renderware or the Frostbite engine, then ride it to eternity until they buy some other company to do the work for them.

It's like Minecraft. Microsoft didn't buy Minecraft because it was an awesome game. Microsoft saw long term revenue streams from it. But that 2 **Billion**... That's billion with a *B*... Could have funded 10,20 or even 30 in-house games.

Sony got laughed at for 3rd party games going multiplatform during a recession with PS3. But now, Sony's laughing because their focus on in-house talent and advanced game engines then is paying off this gen. There no hint of Microsoft even trying to compete at that level. Or even starting.

As Yi said and has been said over and over, they need to start building studios and making more games. Gamers worldwide can see their lack of effort and that's why they never win. Why invest your money in a console manufacture that doesn't invest in making games? Making the console a second or third purchase before being the first?

AngelicIceDiamond1528d ago

"There no hint of Microsoft even trying to compete at that level. Or even starting."

MS, Phil Spencer to be exact has stated multiple times that they're evolving its first party he said it in a interview few months back, and stated it again in a press release. I've already posted a link the facts are there.

KickSpinFilter1528d ago

Driveclub had a shit load of really good DLC, one of the best supported games I've seen, but still did not save developer.

Why o why1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Angelic. .
I like Phil but people say a lot. .

At the start of this gen there was speak of improvements. . At the end of last gen there was speak of improvements. . .we're fast approaching if not past the half way point of the gen and they still haven't got their act together.

Speak, speak speak. . Cloud, . Exclusives whatever. . .Some became reality, others didn't. . Best to wait and see as their track record especially after last gens coast in the final third and this gens cancellations and low output was/is enough for those not so believing to doubt their 'speak'. . Your optimism is commendable but your questioning of people's scepticism isn't. Please understand scepticism is not the same as blind hate. Yes, some troll but some don't see much positives from Microsoft.

freshslicepizza1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow
"Sony got laughed at for 3rd party games going multiplatform during a recession with PS3."

They got laughed at because they expected people to have two jobs to buy a system that performed worse and offered an overly complicated platform that developers didn't like working on. Typical proprietary nonsense and Sony learned from those mistakes with the PS4 by making a easy to wrok on platform at a good cost.

"Making the console a second or third purchase before being the first?"

Once again your bias exceeds and your efforts to always portray Microsoft as the worst company keeps being challenged but you ignore it. Nintendo consoles continue to be a secondary purchase because of their lack of commitment to work with third party. So how can you write yet another essay which includes third party and not divulge that is beyond me. However this is all coming from the same person who tries to bluffs others by suggesting he hardly ever posts in Microsoft topics.

Microsoft does need to invest in their own studios more but that still isn't going to get you to change your views on the company which is the bigger obstacle for you and many others who continue to move goalposts as to why you wont support them. Phil has a lot to prove this year so we shall see.

ziggurcat1527d ago


"They got laughed at because they expected people to have two jobs to buy a system that performed worse and offered an overly complicated platform that developers didn't like working on..."

that's not what they said. they essentially said that the PS3 would be desirable enough that people would feel like working extra hours to be able to save up enough money. they didn't say they were expecting people to get second jobs.

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Gunstar751528d ago

I was more than happy to pay £16 for the hot wheels dlc. It's fantastic!!!