TGR Review: Facebreaker

TGR - "When playing Facebreaker, one is constantly bombarded with the uncanny feeling of deja vu. It isn't just because the player might have played other boxing games in their time. It's more because Facebreaker, in many ways, tries to channel the same kind of humor, lightheartedness, and above all accessibility as the classic fan favorite Punch Out. The similarities throughout are apparent from the get go. The visual style is undeniably similar, the control scheme is simple and easy to pick up, and the humor is grounded in an over the top aesthetic that can't help but remind you at least little bit, of such foes as Bald Bull, King Hippo, or Super Macho Man. That being said, in the end it all falls short. The imitation doesn't stand up to the classic, which poses a problem for a next-gen game when it's being compared to an NES title."

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N4U3699d ago

the "b" in Facebreaker" is lowercase?

Which is it, uppercase or lowercase?

You only have two options. A fifty percent chance of guessing it correctly. Well, which is it?

Do people not pay attention these days? Obvious mistakes like these just grind my nerves - just ask my brain, he's connected to them. yeesh.

outlawlife3699d ago

dosn't matter, the fact is this game is pretty bad