Unreal Anthology revealed

An announcement from Midway that it's scored retail publishing rights to select existing PC games in the Unreal stable is accompanied by news on plans to release Unreal collection, Unreal Anthology.

Scheduled for release in the autumn - in the US anyway, where it'll retail at 29.95 USD - Unreal Anthology contains the original Unreal FPS (including expansion Return to Na Pali), Unreal II: The Awakening, Unreal Tournament: Game of the year Edition and Unreal Tournament 2004: Editors Choice Edition.

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What happened to Arena Shooters?

What ever happened to arena shooters? We delve into the rich history of this beloved gaming subgenre, how its survived over the years, and what arena shooters look like in 2022.

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Mr_Writer85622d ago

I'd look at COD before BR.

Locking weapons and perks behind a level system.

BenRC01622d ago

Cod killed them. Tbh when cod came along, especially mw2, its was a game changer. Adding rpg elements and scorestreaks rather than just a scoreboard was very cool at the time.

Mr_Writer85622d ago


I have and always will dislike COD, they made it about time spent rather than skill.

If you're better than me in at level 1 it's down to skill. But if you don't play and only get to level 3 and I get to (just say 300) chances are my guns and perks etc I will kill you more than you kill me.

Overwatch is a good example of a game that does require skill. I have 800+ hours on that game, but some players in that game are unreal.

And you know it's down to skill as you have pretty much the same characters etc.

isarai622d ago

Also any new ones will instantly get compared to Overwatch. Which sucks cause i miss old school arcade shooters with cool characters to choose from.

fr0sty622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

I miss Unreal Tournament 2004's ultra fast paced action... nothing since has really come close to capturing it. Going on sprees never felt more satisfying. A modern day version of that would be amazing.

DigitalDaniel622d ago

Halo says "Hi".
Arena shooters are not dead.

ChubbyBlade622d ago

Infinites player base is dropping like flies because of a lack of content.

Sonyslave3622d ago

Key word lack of content not because it a arena shooter .

And it doing just fine on Xbox

Mr_Writer85622d ago

"lack of content"

Maybe if gamers didn't have the attention span of a small child.

The game hasn't even been out long. And they need new maps and weapons already?

No wonder games as a service is a thing.

ChubbyBlade622d ago

Seems both people below me don’t know how to read.

Never said the lack of content was because it’s an arena shooter nor did I say new maps or weapons.

The game has less than 1/2 of the game modes from past titles the previous ones would launch with.

There’s very little vehicle centric options and the way they spawn in makes them appear less often.

The unlocks are abysmal compared to previous titles leaving nothing to earn or work towards for those who care about that sort of thing.

Been playing since CE in 2001. Not one of these “attention span” problem gamers you’re speaking of. The game literally lacks legacy game modes and vehicle play isn’t very good.

spicelicka622d ago

lmao it's barely been out for a month, it has more than enough content for release. Far more than most games these days.

MadLad622d ago

I'll let you know when I have a hard time finding a match.

The game is as far from dead as dead can be. Not sure why you're trying to make it out to be anything other than that.

LucasRuinedChildhood622d ago (Edited 622d ago )


"Maybe if gamers didn't have the attention span of a small child."
Mate, you're the one who needs to pay attention. It's missing loads of modes (although they did add a few back in), no Forge, and barely has a progression system,

"No wonder games as a service is a thing."
You're actually defending a big issue with games as a service (less content for more money) and thinking you're clever.

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Mr_cheese622d ago

Wouldn't mind a new Unreal Tournament to go with UE5

RaidenBlack622d ago

^^ this + competing with it, a new Quake to go with future idTech 8

LordoftheCritics622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

Devs stopped innovating on them.

Overwatch is the last innovation that has some of that vibe.

PapaBop616d ago

Agreed, you can tell Kaplan and co loved playing shooters back in the arena golden days and Overwatch is a much better game because of it. Still my go to shooter and only other shooters I've put this much time in are Quake 3 and CS.

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Where did the first-person shooter in-game announcer come from?

The Outerhaven writes: Did you ever think about why your favorite first-person shooters have an in-game announcer? The one that is screaming on the top of its virtual lungs when you're out there, fragging everyone in sight? Double Kill! Triple Kill! Mega Kill! I'm sure you're familiar with those and much more, but did you ever wonder where it all started?

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XxINFERNUSxX780d ago (Edited 780d ago )

My favorite is from UT2003/2004, "Holy Shit!" https://www.youtube.com/wat... Not the best quality but it has all the best phrases 😀 I played the shit out of UT2003/04, I always felt those were the real games with skill, along with Quake 3 of course. We need more games like that to make a come back no more hero shooters and battle royale shit. I can only imagine if FATAL1TY had the tech we have now back then with 360hz monitors, 4000hz keyboards, & 8000hz mice, he was already a legend then without any of that, he would certainly be on a whole 'nother level with them 🙃


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