PC Zone: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Previwe

PC Zone via CVG writes: "Unless you've been living in a Siberian igloo, you'll know that C&C: Red Alert 3's release is bearing down on us like the Red Army on a vodka factory. With the code virtually finished, we got our hands on the multiplayer game and played as the Soviet Union against the technologically advanced Empire of the Rising Sun (aka Japan).

The Soviets felt instantly familiar. Possessing a linear, old school base building model confined by a build radius and sporting heavily armoured units such as the Apocalypse tank - similar to C&C's Mammoth with its dual turrets and equipped with a magnetic harpoon for pulling in nippier foes - the Pinkos were all about brute force. However, their build restrictions (only one building could be constructed at a time) meant that amassing a force took time. This is a problem that my opponent didn't face."

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