The New Hotness of Need for Speed

Need for Speed is all about the cars. Players need to see these four in the next entry.

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SaveFerris2572d ago

Is that thumbnail pic from the game?

annoyedgamer2572d ago

Not the new one, that's for sure. But once upon a time before EA turned evil, NFS was a celebration of car culture which included attractive women.

Nu2572d ago

I like bigger women so I'm crossing my fingers that the new entry has some BBW and not just BMW

USMC_POLICE2572d ago

And once it was about exotic cars, mastering tracks, and high speed chases. Then underground came out it that was over.

subtenko2572d ago

lol what if they made another one with curvy (aka BIG CURVY [what people really mean]) people. wonder what the reactions would be.

Maxor2572d ago

I had to google what BBW is and all I got was porn. But it still doesn't answer what it stands for.

Homushi2572d ago

Man those were the good ol days

creeping judas2571d ago

@Max, it stand for Big Beautiful Women

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mechlord2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

"Is that thumbnail pic from the game?"
ofc is a thumbnail from the game. There is a LaFerrari parked just behind an Aventador with some chick with tats in the background...

uth112572d ago

Hard to believe it would be in 2017, unless they are trans women.

EazyC2572d ago

NFS Pro Street. Bit of a flop, it wasn't awful mind you

quent2572d ago

NFS:PRO, with Shift the last good game in the series

TimelessDbz2572d ago

Thumbnail is from NFS pro street. So yes the thumbnail is part of NFS series....

DrumBeat2571d ago

Cheat Code Central getting their clicks the only way they can. They always do this.

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Goldby2572d ago

i was actually expecting some hot cars,

Like the IE86 Corolla
Or VW Jetta Wolfberg edition
or BMW M series

bluefox7552572d ago

The thumbnail has nothing to do with the game, but I think it raises an interesting point. Sexy ladies are a big part of "tuning culture", I know this from watching a Fast and Furious movie many years ago. So I think the addition of ladies like those in the thumbnail would be super beneficial to the game...cause authenticity.

TimelessDbz2572d ago

Thumbnail is from NFS pro street. So yes the thumbnail is part of NFS series....

BlakHavoc2572d ago

Everyone clicked on the article for the thumbnail pic not NFS.

subtenko2572d ago

dont need to click for a pick, the thumbnail is there and people can always search with a search engine too.

jokerisalive2572d ago

if the thumbnail is any suggestion then hopefully the new game will be more like Most Wanted and Carbon which had two HOT covergirls in them Josie Maran and Emmanuelle Vaugier. The cool cut scenes and stories made for a neat setting. A return to one of those would be nice as Carbon was a sequel/prequel to 2005's Most Wanted. One can hope can't they?