LittleBigMadness interviews LBP's producer

Leo Cubbin is one of the producers in the LittleBigPlanet team. In the first part of this interview Leo talks about the SackBoy, the game community and the plans for the future of LittleBigPlanet.

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Silogon3676d ago

Sounds interesting, but man now I wish it was both full 3-d and 2-d creation. Maybe they'll have a follow up for us next year or the year after, huh? "Little Big Universe" FTW!!

thor3676d ago

Silogon, the devs said that they tried a full 3-D creation just as a prototype and it just didn't work. I can tell you some of the problems:

In LBP you can add objects together and make holes in objects etc. These are known as "boolean operations". Even in professional software, boolean operations are not always stable and you can end up with missing polygons/extra thin polygons/polygons that stretch to infinity/general bad geometry.

Another problem is that in 2D you have a scalar value representing the inertia of a body and it's quite easy to work out. In 3D it's a tensor (i.e. a matrix) which requires complex integration to calculate. This would have to be done numerically each time you bolt some objects together.

Rigid body dynamics in 3 dimensions is incredibly difficult to do; if you look at Garry's mod you will see that if you bolt too many objects together they become unstable and start wobbling all over the place.

You can't predict as easily the outcome of 3D physics and so a lot of machines would be touch and go as to whether they work or not. 3D dynamics is very sensitive to initial conditions, moreso than 2D.

Camera problems would surface and they would need to allow you to code your own camera, effectively because it would be different for each situation.

You can't have offline co-op in the same way (could possibly do split-screen) and the controls would be pretty clunky.

The game (I think) would lose a lot of its charm if it went true 3D. The 2.5D is good to allow more complex levels and mechanisms, but true 3D would be a step too far.