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"If the PC version of Prey hadn’t become completely unplayable from crashes and save-game corruption just as it was hitting its stride, I’d have called it a very good or perhaps even great game. Its strange alternate-history universe, sidequests, hidden threats, and detailed environmental storytelling make Talos I a joy to explore, one that’s well worth slogging through combat that doesn’t feel fresh enough to sustain it throughout a long game. But there’s little so frustrating in a game in which you’ve invested dozens of hours as having your progress wiped out or blocked before the end, and my time with Prey concluded so poorly that I can’t in good conscience recommend you risk hitting the same game-breaking bug I did."

- Dan Stapleton


Score was updated after patch to 8/10 from 4/10.

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Nitrowolf21539d ago

I ave no interest in this game tbh because I didn't like the demo, however I do have to say that's a really unfortunate for the review to run into these issues.

From the sound of it it sounds like he loved it otherwise

freshslicepizza1538d ago

Is the reviewer going to update his review when they patch the game? This is why reviews should not have numbners attached to them.

Prey is awesome and the PC version runs as smooth as butter, the PS4 has severe input lag (and a PS4 Pro version that does nothing over the regular PS4) and both console versions have long loading times between areas. Xbox One is lower at 900p compared to 1080p on the PS4 and Pro. Not everyone has experienced crashes on this game, myself included.

UltraNova1538d ago

The clicks are on week one, there's little insentive for sites to go back and update an old review.

pscgrizz1538d ago

Going back to the review won't change the score. That is forever logged in Metacritic now, no going back from it at all.

CanadianTurtle1538d ago

What kind of precedent does that set for game developers though? They'll just be like "oh, let's just rush the game. We'll just patch up our mistakes. It's not like the low review scores are going to be permanent!"
This type of thinking rewards laziness. It really isn't fair to the developers that do give a shit about their final product and get it working by the due date.

Stapleface1538d ago

Not a single crash on my pc either. Not sure what issues they are running into but I don't think those are wide spread problems. Most people seem to think it runs fantastic on pc.

Unspoken1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Interesting, I've been playing from day one without any issues on PC. This seems like a reviewer is lashing out at Bethesda and their new policies more than the merits of the game itself. Well, he even goes on to make the claim he would have rated it great. Shame critics now have become as deplorable as some gamers. Again, the big names are becoming less and less reliable and small YouTuber's are becoming more and more dependable with their reviews.

OB1Biker1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

One more reason why scores are irrelevant. If there was no score, people would have more incentive to read what concern them instead of dismissing or glorify a game on a silly number

freshslicepizza1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

This game is meant to be played on the PC, maybe that's the real backlash it's getting. So many feared this game would have a ton of problems because of Dishonored 2 on the PC but in reality the game runs excellent on the PC.

ShadowKnight1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

3rd party games been kinda disappointing lately. I thought the game was decent but not great just like Mass effect. First party games has been better this year imo Zelda,Horizon,Persona all great

freshslicepizza1538d ago

"3rd party games been kinda disappointing lately. I thought the game was decent but not great just like Mass effect. First party games has been better this year imo Zelda,Horizon,Persona all great"

Persona 5 is not a 1st party title but yes Zelda and Horizon have generated a lot of attention as is the Mario Kart remake. The new Hot Wheels expansion for Forza Horizon 3 is just plain car porn at its best and the new PC update shows why the PC simply cannot be matched on consoles yet. Arms could also be a big hit too but I have had a lot of fun with Prey. It's a game made for the PC where it's not always holding your hand like we have seen all too often now in console games. I've had way more fun with this than Mass Effect which is pretty good but not great.

It's a great time to be a gamer with lots of choices out there.

badz1491538d ago

Maybe...just maybe...the reviewer is pissed that this happened to a "retail" copy of the game unlike other games they reviewed using review copies before.

They used to receive early copies, and many times yet to be patches copies of games for their review so just they can publish their review before the game launch, so maybe...just maybe...they were willing to tolerate bugs in those games, expecting them to be patched by launch. but this was not like that. They had to get out of their way and buy it like others after the game launch and this happened. With a supposedly "completed" copy.

Granted that PC have so many configurations, minor bugs are exceptable to a degree but blatant game breaking and save corrupting bugs? Shouldn't have happen in the first place because that's the bottom line IMO.

I'm not trying to defend anyone here though. DF found the PC version to be running great and highly recommend it as the version all should play, but from their video, they haven't played it till the end, so they might have not stumble upon this issue in question. Again, not defending this reviewer or whatsoever, just my opinion.

kevnb1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

reviews are pretty damn irrelevant, this will be another good example. Social media and youtube has pretty much made gaming media reviews from big websites like ign irrelevant, nobody trusts websites like ign anyway. Its become just like any other media, movies, music, tv shows and now games dont sell based on critic response.

Servbot411538d ago

Unless the game adds content later, a reviewer should NEVER go back to re-review a game after patches. What was presented to customers day-one should be reflected in the review score for the rest of time. They could add a disclaimer in the beginning about patches that may have addressed the issue, but the score should stay the same. If publishers and developers want better review scores they need to stop releasing busted games, plain and simple.

It's a shame the PC version suffers from these issues, because besides a few glitches and absurdly long loading times on PS4, the game is otherwise fantastic, and easily an 8/10 (those loading times really hurt it though).

Timesplitter141538d ago

I think it's stupid to not update it, because it doesn't represent what the game is actually worth if you buy it right now.

Christopher1538d ago

***the PS4 has severe input lag***

Uhhh... No it doesn't. I mean, I'd be pissed if it did, but that just isn't true.

freshslicepizza1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

@Christopher6m ago
"Uhhh... No it doesn't. I mean, I'd be pissed if it did, but that just isn't true."

Sorry but I would lean more to trusting Digital Foundry than someone who mocks anyone protecting the over abundance of Sony fans who continue to troll just about every Xbox/Microsoft topic on this site.

Skip to 1:32 mark when they mention how terrible the latency is on the demo and while it has improved on the final game for the PS4 it's still there. Regardless, this game is meant to be played on the PC and it's a shame the PS4 Pro is still locked to 30fps.

GNCFLYER1538d ago

Im sure he will. Maybe not in a hurry.

They did Driveclub they should do this.

Christopher1538d ago

***Sorry but I would lean more to trusting Digital Foundry than someone who mocks anyone protecting the over abundance of Sony fans who continue to troll just about every Xbox/Microsoft topic on this site. ***

Oh, you innocent bystander. And laugh that you think I protect anyone, but, hey, go with that victim bias.

***Skip to 1:32 mark when they mention how terrible the latency is on the demo and while it has improved on the final game for the PS4 it's still there.***

Demo and no proof of retail versus me, who is actually playing it... hmmmm...

You cited "severe input lag". That would be big news about the game if it were true. Sorry, it just isn't.

Perjoss1538d ago

As someone whos played both pc and ps4 versions i see only facts in your comment but still getting a ton of downvotes. This community is strange.

gleepot1538d ago

Games should be reviewed based on they ship it as. Patches are a crutch.

starchild1538d ago


Yeah, moldybread is correct.
"Then there's the level of optimisation built into the PC version. As we discussed earlier this week, the ability to hit 1080p60 gameplay at decent settings on a budget-orientated gaming PC ensures that the feel of the game can remain a class above, even if you're using relatively meagre components. The higher frame-rate ensures a crisper response than the Xbox One version, and it feels dramatically better in every way to the PlayStation 4 game, which can feel laggy and lumpen by comparison. That was an issue we highlighted in our initial Prey demo report, and while Arkane has tweaked deadzones, the Sony platform's rendition of the game clearly needs further work."

rainslacker1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Smooth as butter except that it crashes and has game breaking bugs? Maybe you were one of the lucky ones, but the reviewer based his review on his experience.

Will he update it? probably not, because when the patches come out, who will care anymore?

Why even bring PS4 into this? This was a review of the PC version. Why do you have to bring PS into every discussion, then proceed to disparage against the console? Given the number of games that don't have severe input lag, and the fact it was dodgy on the PC, couldn't this be indicative of the game and the developer, rather than the console? Which calls into more question why you would bring PS into the discussion, as opposed to criticizing the developer.

At most, maybe the reviewer should have disclosed if they attempted to fix the issues they had by contacting the developer. Developers would be pretty quick to respond to a reviewer over an issue preventing them from playing it. But what you're basically saying is that the reviewer is basically lying about his experience just because you didn't have any problems.

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CanadianTurtle1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I think it's a little too much to say he "loved it" considering the 4/10 score. With a score like that, I think there's more to the story than just bugs and glitches

Dark_Knightmare21538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Yeah dan Stapleton is a f**king hack and this is a ridiculous score. Read the review he did love the game and it came down to running into a bug that made his save corrupt losing playthroughs. I'm sorry every game releases with bugs so why single this one out and give it this ridiculous score. I mean halo mcc mp didn't work for months at release,witcher 3 had numerous bugs that stopped quests from being completed,big fps drops in areas and took tons of patches that equaled like 20 gb released through a year to get it into an acceptable state yet these games didn't suffer halo got a 9 and witcher 3 a 9. Now those are just two examples out of tons that were reviewed by different people but it still was ign who has a reputation to uphold and there needs to be consistency. This happened to him on pc it's not representative of rhe console versions hell its not representative of what most pc players are going to experience but since people don't read reviews most of the time their going to see that 4 and think this game is some garbage game when that's the furthest from the truth it's actually one of the best this year. Dan Stapleton like I said is a hack and after his bloodborne rant I quit taking anything he said seriously like dude shouldn't be reviewing video games.

Goldby1538d ago

he was experiencing bugs and crashes on top of the corrupt save files.
if the review enjoys what he can play but cant play the entire game due to these issues, its perfectly understandable why he would give it a lower score. ive had PC games i loved that i would never recommend to people because of how poorly they run

DevilishSix1538d ago

This is the first I have even seen about a game breaking bug for Prey and I have read a number of Prey reviews before buying. Taken from his own words, I think Dan Stapleton lives in an alternate universe and after he showed his tainted ideology about Bloodborne, any respectful gamer can not take him seriously as a game reviewer.

Void0001538d ago

Don't forget how many bugs Skyrim launched with.

rainslacker1537d ago

Whatever his score, he actually gave his reasons for his score. He even gave many positive things about the game, and basically said he'd score it much higher if it weren't for the problems he experienced.

Don't get me wrong, I think when it comes to PC reviews, they can be fickle at best, and any professional PC review should most certainly try to remedy problems or maybe even try it on a different PC due to the issue of numerous configurations. but the latter is not common practice, and the trying to remedy problems usually only happens when they get early review copies where they aren't pressed to meet a publishing deadline....which in itself is another issue altogether.

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Genova841538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Maybe it is time for video games to get two scores. One for gameplay, story, sound, etc. and a second for technical gameplayability, such as broken servers, random crashes, poor framerates, etc. For pcs, noting the specs would be important. YMMV, as they say.

I loved the remake of Doom, but to this day, the game still randomly crashes. Same goes for Arkham Knight, which now runs at a butter smooth 60 fps in 4k.

Shit, if I picked a point in time for MKX, it would have gotten a 0 because the game couldn't understand my 8 core processor post Jason patch. I just got a black screen unless I disabled 2 of the cores in my bios. Again YMMV. Game runs great now, though I did lose my save files twice (I backed them up based on other's experience so it was nbd).

Shit, if it is save file progression loss he cares about, I hope he never played an NES game. Those got wiped out all the time.

Bottom line, this review is shit and the author should be ashamed.

Cobra9511538d ago

I'm all for a single review score which reflects the entire reviewer's experience. In this case, the experience was ruined by technical negligence or incompetence. This review reflects that.

I must say this is a first. I have never seen a review take into account the dismal state that plagues so many games on initial release. They usually give games a pass on issues like this one. I'd like to see this kind of full disclosure become commonplace. But I fear this Prey review may be a one off.

MadMax1538d ago

I did not like this game one bit from the demo, and had to force myself to finish it. I would give it a 4 alone based on the demo, but for ign to score a game solely because of some bugs, is not right. He seemed like he actually liked the game itself, wow! Ign has gone downhill.

Notellin1538d ago

Anytime Dan Stapleton reviews or write an article it's best if you just move along. Honestly with his poor job performance and attitude it blows my mind he's able to keep his job.

If I behaved or produced such poor results I would expect to be demoted or laid off. He's probably the only journalist on the 3 gaming websites I visit that I just can't stand and choose to avoid.

A part of me believes is this kind of controversy creates a lot of clicks for IGN so I'm sure corporate management believe he is a doing a good job.

1537d ago
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CyrusLemont1538d ago

Does IGN and other websites leave their reviews set in stone? Because most modern games are continually updated and patched a crazy amount post-launch. They can keep the 4.0 score for the date it was released, that's only fair. However, it would be nice to see its score after 6 months of support.

A few games that come to mind for this sort of modern review system would be The Division and Destiny.

tmisellati1538d ago

they should invent and use new method to review games. for example , they may do a re-review to games every 6 months or something. games with patches and updates changes a lot and sometime it looks and feels completely different after one year of patches and updates.

pscgrizz1538d ago

I see what you are doing and a few sites do this but in general once a metacritic score is logged then it stays that way forever. It's to stop dishonest outlets from appealing to PR favours. I know a couple of sites that revisit titles now and again, but in general you are reviewing a game as is on launch as the first impression is often the strongest.

MorpheusX1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )


Absurd. You just make up shit as you go along, how the Hell does that make ANY SENSE ????

You don't get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, & its completely fair, & I as a consumer do not feel sorry for Developers whose games are released b4 there finished, why the Hell should I? Publishers and Developers come to Business arrangements.

Its accountability, Developers and Publishers need to be ACCOUNTABLE, its there responsibility to Produce a game that works, its doesn't matter to me as a consumer about any EXCUSES as to why a Business was unable to produce a bug free game.

That's the chance they take, and that's what happens when you produce buggy games, THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT. You get what you deserve, & all this BS apologizing is the reason why they continue to make/ release buggy games, they know you ADDICTS are going to make EXCUSES FOR THEM.

Publishers/Developers release a game as is, They take the RISK, They bear the RESPONSIBILTY,........& NO!!, you DO NOT get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

Hell no.

The game was Marketed well, it even had a Demo...........smh, THERE'S NO GOOD EXCUSE.

Gatsu1538d ago

Games shouldn't require patching to do when release. Developers should release working games.

Servbot411538d ago

No game should have its review altered because of future patches. Add a disclaimer at the top stating that patches may have addressed issues, but otherwise leave the review and score intact. What was presented to the customer day-one is what a game should be judged on, and if publishers and developers want better scores they need to stop releasing broken games.

1538d ago
Servbot411538d ago

You google to see if patches have addressed the issue, just like you googled up reviews. Hopefully if reviews keep punishing broken-on-release games, we'll start getting finished products and the whole thing will solve itself.

rainslacker1537d ago

I agree. Rereviewing a game can be done in cases where games improve or maybe worsen over time, but it should be a separate review that has no bearing on the first.

I can think of a few games off the top of my head which actually got much better over time, but very rarely were they rereviewed, and I can't recall once that a launch review score was changed. Why people think it needs to be done now is beyond me. It's like their ego is harmed if a game they feel got an inappropriate score.

WelkinCole1538d ago

I feel like the problem is it will make dev complacent. When people release games they should try their best to make sure it is polished as much as possible.

rainslacker1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Only changes I can recall in recent history were DriveClub reviews where DC before launch worked fine, but had issues after launch. A few sites went back and ammended their scores. I don't know if they changed them after the issues were resolved though. I believe a game published by MS had something like that from a few sites for a game, but can't recall what it was....or even if I'm remembering correctly. It was only a couple reviewers though, not something that was ubiquitous.

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TheOttomatic911538d ago

Years ago I stated IGN was the shit stain on the gaming industry and unfortunately it seems that nothing has changed.

SegaGamer1538d ago

I agree, but it's funny how people only say this when they give a bad review for a game they like.

1538d ago
RawZombie261538d ago

IGN is such a bad review website. They gave this a fucking 4 but they gave the latest simcity a 7 and then gave the mess of a game that was mass effect andromeda a 7.7. Stay woke people. #FakeReviews

Salty-gaming1538d ago

Or just reviewer got a potato PC

Clunkyd1538d ago

But but...PC master race? lol

kevnb1538d ago

IGN is not part of it.

2pacalypsenow1538d ago

Stay Woke people Stay Woke

guyman1538d ago

They also gave evolve a 9, horrendous

cartoonx11538d ago

they gave pc gta iv 9.4? and it was unplayable literally unplayable at launch, even now i have far less fps on gta iv thn V on gtx 1070. prey is far from gta iv level yet this score lol.

SegaGamer1538d ago

You make it seem like it's the same people reviewing every game. Somebody's 4 rating is going to be another persons 8. Then a 10 rating could be a 5 to somebody else. The point is that people have different opinions. The best thing to do is ignore reviews and try the game out yourself or check out some videos on Youtube.

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