Game Informer: Getting Back Into The Game

Game Informer editor Nick Ahrens writes:

"Growing up, I used to adore playing basketball games. Starting with Jordan vs Bird: One on One on the NES, I learned the basic rules like traveling and dribbling. As time went on, the games got more sophisticated and eventually one of my all-time favorites came out-NBA Jam. Having a strange fascination with the game, I played it for hours on end in both the arcade and at home. But when the games hit 3D, something happened and I just didn't have it in me anymore. Now over a decade later, I'm getting back into the game and using two games to guide me-NBA Live 09 from EA and NBA 09: The Inside from Sony. Join me as a born-again noob relearns everything he knows about basketball in video games.

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tharealest3672d ago

I think NBA Live 09 will be a solid title this year due to the fact EA is actually making good sports titles this year.. Madden, NHL, PGA etc.

artral163672d ago

yea i been nba live fan since the first game and always will be nba 2k players looks fat and fake