Former Lionhead boss joins PlayStation

Stuart Whyte will lead VR product development at London Studio

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Aenea552d ago

VR product development? The what now? Didn't Sony give up already on PSVR and close ALL studios doing VR?

So all those other brand fanboys were wrong huh? Whaddayaknow!

Am sure some new PSVR products will be shown this E3! Can't wait!

donthate552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

It's Sony throwing the last bone to PS VR before it goes the way of PS Move, PS Vita, PS TV and PSP Go.

Yeah, VR got a long way to go.

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uptownsoul552d ago

@donthate -- It's Sony throwing the last bone to PS VR before it goes the way of PS Move, PS Vita, PS TV and PSP Go.

Yeah, VR got a long way to go."

Well the more risks a company takes, the higher the possibility for failure. But without risks PlayStation might only be known for the same 3 franchises over and over and over again like a different video game company.

LexHazard79552d ago

I dont know why youre throwing shade when MS will have VR on Xbox as well. or should we jusy say it will be DOA.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Perhaps you should actually pay attention to your name and actually try PSVR before trying to downplay it. If Microsoft doesn't know how to keep talent I'm sure that there are other companies who will be more than happy to give them a shot and Sony is one such company.

I can't wait for Farpoint next Tuesday!!!!!

bouzebbal552d ago

gives some hope for some VR titles.
hoping for the best.

morganfell552d ago

"I can't wait for Farpoint next Tuesday!!!!!"

This. Got my preorder bundle controller coming from Amazon.

EatCrow552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

"Glad to have him in PlayStation, where he can have much more freedom instead of being forced to make some MTs filled F2P crap. "

Good now he's forced to work on VR junk instead. I know some VR titles are decent but the majority are not.

552d ago

I appreciate that Sony wants to expand the VR gaming market by creating an affordable product, but you're absolutely right. VR has a LONG way to go before it becomes meaningful enough for it to come standard with all future PS consoles. I'm assuming that's what Sony wants.

I don't see the appeal of paying $50 for 4 hour games like Farpoint personally, but it doesn't matter what I think in relation to what the market thinks of it.

fiveby9552d ago

Sony is doing what they do which is trying to push gaming to new mediums. MS tried this with Kinect. Granted it was a failure. And the big difference is that PSVR is not a required purchase like MS tried with orig X1 / Kinext. Also MS must see some potential with VR as I believe they will support VR with Scorpio. So Kudos to Sony and I sure hope VR makes strides in gaming.

Bathyj552d ago

Wait!?! Who the hell said VR has to be standard?

It's niche if anything, but it's there for people who want it. Stop acting like Sony is forcing you to buy it with a PS4.

Who would be dumb enough to box an expensive optional peripheral that not everyone wants in with every console?

candystop552d ago


I guess it was inevitable for the true sickening fanboy to finally come out!

Ot: Good to see Sony is taking VR serious and not just pushing it aside. I want to see what they have planned for this e3. Hopefully there competitor takes note and developers share tech to make everything much better for future tech.

morganfell552d ago

"Who would be dumb enough to box an expensive optional peripheral that not everyone wants in with every console?"


You have to do that when you can't just disconnect the thing. It isn't as simple as that... /s

Aenea552d ago

Just like MS is throwing Xbox fans the last bone in the form of Scorpio I suppose, hmm?

ILostMyMind552d ago

You forgot to say XBO too. These hardware abandoned by their manufacturers are regrettable.

lolosgolos552d ago

@XsomedudeX The junk kinect sold better than all VR put together.

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candystop552d ago

Vr makes playstation move and eyetoy look like a joke as well. ;)

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S2Killinit552d ago

PSVR is the most exciting thing this generation for me.

anticooper552d ago

Have you played dirt rally on psvr with logitech g29, its The best gaming experience i Have had in my life, its superb and i normally dont play racing Games:-) and there are many others great titel in vr.

medman552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

You're a short term thinker...that sort of thinking tends to lead to limited success in life. Sony plays the long game, which leads to success over the long term. Think bigger.

darthv72552d ago

So did he bring Milo with him to make into a real VR game???

Dragonscale552d ago

@donthate, your name is so ironic lol. Wonder if you'll say that if ms announce it for scorpio.

DigitalRaptor552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

Resident Evil 7 on PSVR, is better than any game Kinect ever had.

If devs use that masterpiece as a blueprint to make games, VR will be just fine.

@ candystop

PSVR uses Move, and only the PlayStation Camera makes the EyeToy look like a joke, because it's more advanced and required for PSVR tracking. If anything, PSVR validates the existence of those old peripherals and efforts spent over the years because they were all leading up to be integrated into a VR solution. If Microsoft supports VR on Xbox, they'll probably attempt to use Kinect with it... maybe.

rainslacker552d ago


Forced? I'm pretty sure given his job description he willfully joined Sony to work on VR. It's not like he was hired for general development, but his employment was to a specific function to work on VR.

If he's being forced, then it was before he joined Sony. Maybe by his wife who told him he needed to get a job or something.

Smokingunz552d ago

Damn thats a lot of failures sony has under its belt

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omarja1405552d ago

VR is growing every day why would Sony give up on PSVR?

RE7 is a perfect example on exciting and an amazing VR hardcore gaming.

Aenea552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

I know, I was making a dig at those "other brand" fans who downplay PSVR....

uth11552d ago

Lots of people seem desperate for VR to fail. They write it off every chance they get. I don't think it's just fans of a certain console. It's been strongly hinted they are getting VR too.

Aenea552d ago

Yeah I don't get it, have they even tried it?

I think there are 3 groups of people who downplay PSVR:
- Xbox fans since they don't have it
- PC fans who bought the more expensive headsets not wanting to believe PSVR is just as good in many departments
- people who are afraid VR will change the way they play their games

Especially the last group is kinda funny since it eventually will change to the way we play games only it's going to take quite some time before that is going to be the case (I mean when the devices are wireless, ridiculously high resolutions and you don't even feel you're wearing it, ie. 30+ years from now).

uth11552d ago

@Aenea - I suspect it's lots of number 3 as well. They aren't even pro-PC VR. Just ready to declare VR dead and buried before it's even had a chance.

Fear of change is probably the right answer. But VR isn't a threat to your preferred way of gaming just yet.

EatCrow552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

And you forgot playstation fans who don't like it either. I know quite a few of them.
Never mind being one.
And you forgot xbox fans who do have it. Either on PC or their playstation.

In the meantime studios close because of VR.
Rigs may have sold a lot more if not for VR for instance. Can't know for sure but im thinking it would have.

When VR was announced the first time I think a lot of people were interested..up until they saw what its like and tried it themselves. Some liked it more other were turned off by it.

Aenea552d ago


The Xbox fans who also have a PS4 and don't like fall in the last category, just like the PS4 fans/owners who don't like it without ever having tried it. The PC owners were already covered. Xbox fans who own a PS4 and PSVR apparently like it otherwise they would've sold it already.

So no, I don't think I forgot anyone :)

And which studios close because of VR? I don't know of any. If you're referring to Guerrilla Cambridge who says it was because of VR??

rainslacker552d ago

If you dig into those same people's comment history...particularly the one's above, you'll actually find them saying how it's going to be good on Xbox because of Occulus, and now with that AMD thing going on.

They're very selective of when they find VR having a long way to go.

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boing1552d ago

Nah. They're actually speeding up the production.

Aenea552d ago

I know, perhaps I should've added a /s

OB1Biker552d ago

"I'm super excited to be joining the London team to lead them further on their journey to becoming the world's leading AAA, VR Team," Whyte told us.'

Thats great to know they seem to be ambitious.

XanderZane552d ago

Well I was hoping we would get some new information and new games at the E3 for PSVR. It's been pretty quite the last couple of months. I'm interested to see what Sony has to show for it as the E3.

OB1Biker552d ago

'Well I was hoping we would get some new information and new games at the E3 for PSVR. '
What do you mean?

XanderZane552d ago

Just what I said. More information on new PSVR games. Only thing I've heard recently was that Everybody's Golf would have a VR mode. Before that it was about how good Resident Evil 7's VR mode was. I haven't heard of any new games that is strictly for the PSVR only. Have you? Have any links?

Chevalier552d ago

@Igivehugs and Morgan

My bundle is on the way as well! Also excited for Farpoint.

Chevalier552d ago


" I appreciate that Sony wants to expand the VR gaming market by creating an affordable product, but you're absolutely right. VR has a LONG way to go before it becomes meaningful enough for it to come "

Yeah so did 3D graphics and many elements of gaming. If you're not going to take your time to build the blocks then don't expect that path to be built. You have to start somewhere. Can you imagine if Sony hadn't taken the risk during PS1 where we would be today? Someone has to take the risk and start building. Its the only way you can make it happen. Just look at Sony studios and what they built over the past decade then look at MS and their mailed in Halo, Gears and very few new IPs.

rainslacker552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

This means that even with the new studio dedicated to PSVR game development, they are also working on it in their London Studios....which is where most of their UK studio closings were appropriated to in the restructures.

I wish Whyte the best of luck. Not sure of his portfolio or qualifications, but Lionhead wasn't a bad studio at all. Just had some bumps in some of what they tried to achieve from time to time.

@some others

"VR has a long way to go"

Yeah, well to get there a company has to work at it. It isn't just going to happen on it's own. Sony seems to be trying to get it to where it needs to be...probably more than any other company out there, because they are both making the hardware, and looking to support it with compelling software to get people interested to make it viable.

I don't get why that's a bad thing. Sony is working to improve it. That's what they should be doing.

Ceaser9857361552d ago

AAH!! Sony is the best place to work when it comes to video games... I read SQ EN is looking for a buyer for IO Interactive.. and Sony should buy it asap! and make HITMAN exclusive.. Thats gonna be another awesome deal..

Ceaser9857361552d ago

Unless SQ EN owns the IP of HITMAN ..

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Relientk77552d ago

Awesome, you are more than welcome Stuart

XiNatsuDragnel552d ago

Welcome to Playstation nation

AspiringProGenji552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

It is awesome they got studios to work on VR while the other focuses on the core stuff. Everyone wins!

Sony gets it right once again!

ps360s552d ago

get the best of both worlds

I do want a Fable like game for the PSVR tho :D

Kaneki-Ken552d ago

Spiritual successor Fable will be awesome and probably be better since PlayStation gives creative freedom, risk and huge budget

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SaveFerris552d ago

He has a lot of experience and I hope he can help create some great VR games.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen552d ago

I'm really hoping that Sony brings a first person RPG to PSVR. Something like King's Field. Anyone remember that game?

It wasn't visually impressive since it was a PS1 game, but it was an interesting adventure based RPG made by From Software.

Ron_Danger552d ago

Woah... haven't thought of that game in like 20 years 😂 I had a demo of it that came with OPM when I was in junior high. I'd also love a new Wizadry for psvr, but they'd obviously need to make a few design changes for that to work.

fenome552d ago

Hell yes I remember that game! Imagine what From could do with it now after all the experience they have with the Souls games.

rainslacker552d ago (Edited 552d ago )

I really loved that game, even though i hate the genre in general. Seems like a reboot would be a perfect fit for PSVR.